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Photos from the Stranger Things set raise questions about Eleven's fate
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Last week, we reported that fans would soon return to Hawkins, Indiana, after the announcement of Strange things Season 3 wrapping in production.

While we were more than excited to see the wrap of the season, the publication of a cast member made everyone turn upside down.

The publication in question was Millie Bobby Brown's farewell Instagram to her friend Sadie Sink (who plays Max on the show), which left many fans to speculate about the tracks of the third season.

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"When we said goodbye, I gave my best friend the biggest hug and I told her I loved her a lot," Brown said in his publication. "My sister forever @sadiesink_".

While it does not explicitly say anything about the end of the show or if one of its characters does not return during season 4 (if that happens), the fans wondered why the message sounded a bit cryptic.

In an appearance on the previous night. Late show with Stephen Colbert, Brown clarified that the publication could have been taken out of context, saying that it was not his farewell to the show, but it was just a farewell to the season:

"[It was] On the last day of the season, not on the show, "he clarified.

Then Brown went on to say, "I'm just a very emotional person." When it comes to my closest people, like, I'm not good at saying goodbye, "he revealed." Everyone knows that … it gives me a lot of sadness and anxiety " .

Speaking of the publication itself, she explained that she simply "broke up" when it came time to say goodbye to Sink. He also mentioned another important group that had a hard time separating from catering.

"Also, catering, ugh, that was difficult, yes, catering, duh … It's an emotional moment."

We have to agree with Millie, it's a very emotional moment.

But, we're glad that it seems that all of our favorite characters are safe from Demogorgon … well, at least until season 3 is officially broadcast on Netflix.

See the interview below:

Strange things season 3, what we know so far:

Recently it was revealed in an 80's style commercial that the show will have a new space for children and teenagers from Hawkins, Indiana. The new place will be a shopping center called Starcourt Mall, where you'll find the "cool kids" they frequent.

What is more? It was announced that the mall will open in "next summer", which means that we can only assume that the new season will arrive at that time.

We also know that the cast will add three new characters to the Hawkins mix: an "alternative girl", Cary Elwes playing the mayor of Hawkins, a "handsome, shrewd and shoddy" politician of the 80s and Jake Busey playing a journalist local with "questionable morals".

Recently it was reported that the program is programmed to be "much darker" than in previous seasons. According to producer and director Shawn Levy, the show will go to darker places than we have seen:

"[It’s] "Definitely, it's going to get even darker, places that I think the public is really going to love," Levy revealed. "He has a lot of heart and humor."

While we are enthusiastic about all the Strange things news, the best news of all is that our favorite father Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) will have a more important role in season 3.

"We'll definitely see more of Steve Harrington in Season 3, and I'll just say we will not abandon Dad's magic Steve, I do not want to say much more, but I literally feel like we were walking and we ran into a gold mine with dad Steve," he says. Levy

In addition, a Screen Rant report discovered that Netflix and Century Books have partnered to officially launch the first Strange things Accompanying guide of the show called "Worlds that are upside down".

In this companion, the third season of the program is mocked, and promises that a monster with tentacles will return to pursue the children of Hawkins, Indiana, once again: The Mind Flayer, the monster that came and possessed the body of Will in the second season. of the Show.

"The Mind Flayer has not lost interest in Hawkins either, the creature with tentacles continues to appear near Hawkins inside Upside Down, and its malevolent influence is not absent in the new season," the book says. (through ScreenRant)

The third season of Strange things It will be released sometime in 2019.

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