Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Pictures of their small town wedding – people

adminDecember 27, 2018

First, there were rumors, so single pictures of the ceremony, now the confirmation: Miley Cyrus (26) published on Instagram wedding photos with Liam Hemsworth (28).

"10 years later," she writes – a reference to the time when the two met.

In the subsequent congratulations on Instagram Miley, in many cases responded to heart emojis.

Message: This time they did it – and said yes to each other! A happy ending for the on-off relationship between the two.

Almost ten years ago, Miley and Liam met and loved each other on their regular movie "The Last Song". Three years later, the first engagement followed, the following year the couple quit. For about two years, the two are inseparable again, in October 2016, Miley confirmed the public renewed engagement …

Time and place for a small wedding: Last weekend in Tennessee, the celebrity portal "TMZ" reports.

Already on Monday, one of her best friends had shared a suspicious wedding photo on her Instagram page: Miley and Liam in front of a cake. The couple hold the knife together – as the wedding couple do.

Remarkable: Miley's hand is the upper one. Is it a coincidence or a perversion of the future of marriage – does Miley show she's going to get the upper hand in marriage?

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