Mihai Gruia from Akcent and his wife have DIVORCE! Reasons Why The Artist Didn't Have Money Money … (PHOTO)

adminDecember 26, 2018

Divorce bomb in the original showbiz! Former soloist Akcent, Mihai Gruia, and his wife, Laura, divorced for a marriage that lasted more than 10 years.

The two married in 2008, when the former vocalist of Akcent and Laura band of one year became the parents of two beautiful girls. In 2014, Laura brought the little Natalia to the world, and after a couple of months the young couple adopted a two-year-old girl named Ana. Others and Catalin Măruţă were the baptisms of the two little girls.

Mihai and Laura chose to walk on separate roads about half a century ago.

The two were one of the most discreet pairs in showbiz and preferred to keep their personal lives away from prying eyes. As they did when they agreed to take their own roads, Cancan said.

But they became good friends for their child's sake, and decided to spend their holidays together so that the two little girls did not suddenly feel the parents' breach.

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