Mihai Gruia, ex-Akcent, divorced after 14 years of relationship. Couple of statements

adminDecember 27, 2018

Mihai Gruia and his ex-wife were together for 14 years, and the decision to break up was discreet, as the personal life they kept away from prying eyes.

It seems like they divorced half a year ago, but remained friends for their child's sake, and therefore decided to spend their holidays together so that the two little girls did not suddenly feel the parents' violations, according to Cancan.

"I have been divorced by mutual agreement almost half a year ago. We are and will be friends all our life, we have two great girls we want to grow as we wanted and if we were together," said the singer, quoted the source .

And Laura, his former wife, talked about the divorce and the situation between them: "It is a mutual separation of amicable divorce, after a long-standing and supposed decision. It is nothing dramatic or tragic, and it still connects us with feelings of friendship and respect through the 14 years offered together and the two wonderful children who are our focus from now on. "

Mihai Gruia and Laura got married in 2008, and in one year they became the parents of two little girls. In 2014, Laura took the little Natalia to the world, and after a couple of months, the young couple adopted Ana, two years old.

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