Mihai Gruia divorced! What image did Laura, his wife, immediately make

adminDecember 26, 2018

MiCha Gruia, Akcent band, divorced! As a reaction, Laura, his wife, put a black and white image with her daughter, and described her with a black heart. One of the members of the former Akcent bands decided to divorce his wife after ten marriages. Until this moment it is not known who wanted it, nor what reason would have led to the end of their love. However, the two will remain friends for the sake of the two little girls.

Laura and Mihai were married in 2008, and a year ago, the former Akcent and Laura soloists became the parents of two beautiful girls. In 2014 Laura took the little Natalia to the world, and after a short while the couple took a beautiful two-year-old girl named Ana.

Mihai Gruia divorced!

The gods of the two little girls were Andre and Cătălin Măruţă. But even though they seemed like an inseparable couple, something between them led to divorce. And even though none of them gave details of what happened, Laura published a black and white image on her Facebook account, holding one of the girls in her arms.

Mihai Gruia divorced! What image did Laura, his wife, immediately make
Picture posted by Laura, ex-wife of Mihai Gruia

A black heart has attached itself to it, which may indicate its state of mind from these moments. Mihai Gruia continued to deal with various things in the music field after the breakup of Akcent. In the near future he will appear with Sorin Brotnei. The two of them will sing with Sandra N. Together they will form a band and prepare surprises for their admirers.

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