Mihaela Rădulescu came to the hospital, with her leg broken because of her former husband

adminDecember 30, 2018

Shocking scenes between Mihaela Radulescu and her former husband! The man trampled her by car after a monster scandal between them. Diva made a grumpy gesture and came to the hospital with her broken leg broken.

Mihaela Rădulescu's first husband, Bogdan Radulescu, remembered the period when he was married to the star. He made some shocking statements in the tabloid press: he remembered an episode that followed a scandal between the two.

"In that time I had a German dog, which I resembled in my head and cared for as a book. Mihaela one day insisted that I also give him a ride. He brought him in a couple of hours, but the dog was agitated, as I had never seen. I asked her what made him confuse him like that, and she gave no explanation, she started laughing. We discussed, I was horrified, I got into the car with the idea of ​​walking around town for To cool down, she, to make me strange, got in the way of me, I threatened her that if she did not get out of the way, I would count it. He seemed angry. When I started the engine, I set foot in front car. An unconscious gesture … I didn't have time to protect her and break my leg ", the former man told Mihaela Rădulescu.

source: antastars.ro

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