Michel Sardou loosened the dance floor with the stars, paying Chris Marques the prize

adminNovember 26, 2018

Michel Sardou was the honorary guest of Dance with the stars who was dedicated to him last Saturday night. Possibility of interpreter Connemara Lakes to let go of comic act number with Chris Marques very complicated. For the greatest enjoyment of the audience.

Despite a leg in the throw that prevented him from launching in standing ovations after the performances of the dancers, Michel Sardou who said goodbye to the scene last Aprildid it anyway, Saturday night, on the set of Dance with the stars. To play, with a good dose at the second degree, in his legendary bad mood, the singer had fun to bother Chris Marques, the jury considered the most serious of the show."I warn you, they add 8s, you want to put a 10", he said to the special jury at the end of the first performance of Terence Telle and Fauve Hautot. And to threaten him with laughter: "Otherwise, I will make you eat your handkerchief!". The tone was given.

For its part, Chris played the game thoroughly not to face the former Johnny's best friend before a quarrel that will separate them forever. And give an 8 and not a 10 as ordered by him Michel who then shouted a little disappointed: "It is very unfair, it is very disgusting. It reminds me of ice skating ".

The following was a bit of the same cask: At the end of my performancerice Mittenaere and Anthony Colette, Michel Sardou grabbed his hands Chris Marques, and prevent him from taking note of the dances. "Dad, Mom, I'm being held hostage", lo the referee who then awarded a 9. In the meanwhile, triple salsa world champion had to show his talents on the floor against a Michel Sardou, swore one evening, which caused a message 2. This triggered the hilarity general.

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