Michel Polnareff runs Laeticia Hallyday

adminNovember 30, 2018

The singer does not like the Laeticia clan and makes it known …

Almost three decades his "moussaillons" waited for him: the right name "Finally!", Michel Polnareff's tenth studio album, is out this Friday. But it is not just in connection with the promotion of this opus that the famous singer talks about him. He gave his opinion on the case of the legacy of Johnny Hallyday.

For Michel Polnareff, David is the only straight and honest person in all this story. Johnny's friend has chosen her camp. "David is a nice guy," said the 74-year-old artist in an interview with the Parisian 28th of November.

The latter does not appreciate the Laeticia clan and has made it known …

"I am very friendly with Sylvie (Vartan, Ed) and David, David is a nice guy, right, very honest. It makes me feel like Johnny's image suffers, but I can not say it's surprising me (…) When I see who the other speakers are …"the man dropped.

With regard to the success of Johnny Hallyda's latest album, Michel Polnareff understands his success. "His excellent sales are well deserved. The loyalty of the audience, is it a beauty ?! I have always been a great admirer of Johnny since I discovered it in the first part of Raymond Devos in 1960. It had also served me two kinds of my father (…) But to be honest, I did not listen to his posts. We rarely saw each other but we were very close friendly. He was heroic to the end"he explains.

The singer has planned everything about his property … He will protect his 9 year old son. "Louka is and will be my heir. I think it's unthinkable that it's otherwise. The right to my work will be in order for delay logic for Danyellah and for him. My son is completely protected"added Michel Polnareff to.

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