Michel Polnareff: "I support yellow vests"

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The Arleser is dead. Viva Las Vegas. In order to talk to Michel Polnareff and listen to his long-awaited tenth album coming out this Friday, the first in 28 years, he had to fly to an American dream well in his picture, playing bubbly, unlucky, difficult to follow. Last Monday we found this strange bird with a new top-level clothes at the Caesar's mythical palace, in a suite overlooking the strip – the big boulevard that crosses the city – which made him dizzy.

No Louka on the horizon, his son, but Dannyelah was there. Louka's mother, who was said to be divorced, still manages her style and photographs her permanently. It must be said that he throws it. At 75, who else could afford a peek between Indian chef and Ziggy Stardust (the character that David Bowie played in the early 70's)? His platinum fleece extended red, a jacket open on his shirtless, lamb pants and multicolored sneakers! During the five hours we spent together, he seemed both impatient and uncompromising, but also very generous and obvious.

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LP / Frédéric Dugit

We thought we would never listen to it, this album!

MICHEL POLNAREFF. I started it so long ago, I was a girlfriend with Charles Martel at that time (laughing). But first, I want to make a correction. When they say I do not have inspiration, the audience and trade confuse two things: composing and releasing a disc. Nothing forces me to make up an entry. For twenty years I have composed enough to make ten records at least. But this music, I did it for me. When I'm on the piano or guitar and composing something, that's it, I liked it. After, it's up to me to decide if I share orgasm or not.

But why did it take five years between the advertising and the release of the record?

We forget that I meanwhile, I was sick, I spent sixteen months for nothing in the studio in Brussels. After saying, "We want to be serious, we want to work in the United States with the best," including audio engineer Ryan Freeland, who had six Grammys. I was very blown to make this entry.

Two years ago the trip was really badly finished …

I almost died. When I think there was doubt about the cancellation of the Pleyel Room! Bilateral pulmonary embolism is not a whim. What annoyed me a lot, not to mention the manufacturer's unlikely attitude, is that my Japanese fans have gone around the world for nothing. As if my body had betrayed them. Contrary to what was said, I looked forward to playing Pleyel. I had won many awards in this room as a child.

It will play again one day …

It would be a good idea to ward off fate. But I do not want to do anything more with such times. At the end of the trip it was obvious that I started to have health problems. I was very lucky.

Then you want to go for a walk?

Yes. Maybe in 2019. But I have to find my musicians and I do sports again. I'm not out of the record yet, I'm tired, I need more sleep than exercising.

Why do you give your interviews in Las Vegas and not in Paris?

I'm in Vegas because there are musicians who are interested in my trip.


LP / Frédéric Dugit

It is said that you left Palm Springs to live here

Not at all. I'm a little tired of Los Angeles, but not Palm Springs. I can make jumps between the two, but I do not move to Vegas, it's too cold. I take this opportunity to remind you that I'm not tax exile in the United States (Editor's Note: He has lived there since 1973). California is not a tax haven far from it. But I have my habits. And my son Louka is completely bilingual, I do not want him to lose English.

In your album two songs are dedicated to him

I love Louka above all else. He is my heir. Between us, it is a rather extraordinary story, almost biblical. I was the one who gave birth to him alone with Danyellah. Sometimes he thanks me to take it out of my womb.

You will never return to live in France?

I do not feel it. To tell the truth, I'm very worried about France. It is important not to believe that I remain indifferent to the country's problems. I'm a Frenchman living in America, I'm not an American. Today, on my Twitter, I received a message from a fan saying to me: "You have more problems at the end of the months than at the end of the world. We can not ignore people who struggle to survive.

You follow mobilization of yellow vests?

Of course, and I support yellow vests. I am very respectful of their cause. I am sad and frustrated. Among them there are young sailors (Editor's note: The name of the admiral's fans). Aside from making a nice record, which makes forgetting their problems, I do not know what to do for them. Their movement is understandable.

Among your fans, that's Emmanuel Macron …

Yes, but I do not think it's Yellow Vest (laughs). He had come to see me with his wife in Bercy (Editor's Note: May 2016) while he was not yet president. I found it charming and discovered that he loved me. He admitted that he himself was a pianist, that he had a conservatory prize at Amiens, and that he knew my songs of the heart and played them on the piano.

You vote?

I have never voted in my life. I'm interested in geopolitics, but I'm totally apolitical. France is a crossroad where there is no priority, either left or right. It's not because I played for Sarkozy in 2007 that I'm a sarcozist. Neither because I shook my hands with Macron that I'm Macronian. Being a president is not easy, but politicians should be a little closer to the people. We forget that a president is an employee of the people. Unfortunately, many live in an ivory tower.

You're not in your ivory tower, are you?

We continue to say "Polnareff is crazy". There is no choice to do this job by giving yourself, we take risks. It's a dangerous job if you do it like Brian Wilson (Editor's Note: Beach Boys Leader) did it or me. Feathers are left there. But every day I find myself quite normal, I have the same concerns as everyone.


LP / Frédéric Dugit

We talked about you for a new "ghost of opera" on stage in 2019 in Paris. What is it

I can not answer you. It's a big mystery. I wonder if this is not a gag. I have not been contacted, I will not do it anymore. It really deserves its ghost name.

Have you listened to Johnny's latest album?

No, and I do not want to. But his outstanding sales are well deserved. The loyalty of the audience is a beauty! I have always been a great admirer of Johnny since I first discovered him in 1960. It had also served me two kinds from my father. But to be honest, I did not listen to his posts. We rarely saw each other but we were very close friendly. He was heroic to the end.

What do you think about the fighting about his legacy?

I am very friend with Sylvie and David, David is a nice guy, right, very honest. It makes me feel like Johnny has a picture, but I can not say it surprises me. When I see who the other speakers are …

Have you prepared your property?

Absolutely. Louka is and will be my heir. I think it's unthinkable that it's otherwise. The right to my work will be in order for delay logic for Danyellah and for him. He is completely protected.

Are you afraid of death?

Death, I do not think so much. I'm not religious, I'm not a believer, even though I respect all faiths. But I think we get something else that we do not go away. (Suddenly thoughtful) But hello, death, I think about it anyway. Johnny disappeared was a big shock to me, she put a terrible blow on me. I'm thinking of Louka, who needs me, because I need him. We became inseparable.


1944. Born July 3 in Nérac (Lot-et-Garonne).

1966. "The Doll That Does No", his first success.

1971. Album "Polnareff" s.

1972. He puts the rails on the poster of the show "Polnarevolution".

1990. Album "Kama Sutra".

2007. Tour "She Returns".

2010. Birth of his son Louka.

End of 2013 Announcement on Twitter about the release of a new album in late 2014.

December 2015. Release of the unpublished song "The man in red".

March 2016. Release of his autobiography, "Spèrme".

December 2016.Cancel the last two dates for their turn, at Salle Pleyel in Paris and Nantes. He is hospitalized in Paris for pulmonary embolism.

30 November 2018. Cancel the last two dates for their turn, at Salle Pleyel in Paris and Nantes. He is hospitalized in Paris for pulmonary embolism. Release of "Finally!, His 10. studio album.

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