Michael Wendler's friend (18) wrote his daughter (16) honest message

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A few months after the lover of Michael Wendler and Claudia Norberg surprised the pop singer now with a young love. Is his 18 year old girlfriend a friend of her 16 year old daughter?

Update from January 9, 2019Just three months after the surprising love of Michael Wendler and still wife Claudia Norberg, the pop singer surprised a few days ago with the great love feeling. In the 18-year-old Laura, the 46-year-old seems to have found a new love. As the pictures showed, the student already spent his winter vacation with his new boyfriend in Miami. Both pop songs and the beautiful blonde commented on her new love this week.

Laura M. admits, however, that she herself does not know how flirting with the famous pop singer leads. "I don't want to say anything that just causes confusion. Nobody knows what's going on, what's going on. It's all in the stars," says the young woman in RTLInterview on the school's playground. Although the new girlfriend of the pop singer is only two years older than her daughter Adeline, this does not seem to detract from the fresh love. On the contrary: The new relationship constellation does not seem to have caused excitement in Wendler's house.

Michael Wendler: Girlfriend Laura and daughter Adeline have contact via Instagram

As can now be read on the Instagram profile of the 16-year-old Adeline Norberg, the two teenagers seem to come together very well regularly. On a photo posted by Wendler's daughter, Adeline is on profile. "I focus on my goals and I ignore the rest," the beautiful blonde lets fans know. The comments also read a comment on her father's new love. Laura M. writes to Adeline, almost the same age, "a thousand kisses for you".

And still wife Claudia seems to have given the young love its blessing. "The fact that the new woman next to my husband is only 18 years old, I also learned recently. It is not a matter of age, but if one feels physically attracted to each other, fits together in character and found a soul mate in the other, "Claudia Norberg said in an interview RTL,

Although the couple separated by mutual consent after nearly 29 years, they still live under one roof in the same house in Cape Coral. Yet she recently recently learned about her husband's new love.

Original article from October 10, 2018: Liebes-Aus by Michael Wendler

Miami / Mallorca – Just a few days ago, the official love of Michael Wendler and his wife Claudia Norberg ago, showing the hit star and ex-wife Claudia quite freely on Instagram. The love of the singer has been for 29 years, now everything seems to be over. For the 46-year-old and his still wife Claudia, but no reason to hide.

Michael Wendler and Claudia Norberg: separation after 29 years of relationship

Either sweat in the gym, upper body free on a selfie or a picture together with four young beautiful women: Michael Wendler already shows for weeks very cheerful on Instagram. The followers seem to encounter the singer. Even before the official separation of the couple, the singer could hardly escape compliments and offers from many female users: "Simply Divine!", "Delicious" or "A Dream" are just some of the many positive responses to the sincere snapshots on Instagram.

Only recently, fans were discussing a revealing picture of Michael Wendler, if the singer has just painted his six-pack.

But his wife Claudia Norberg seems to want to direct the media focus on her body after the separation. Although the 48-year-old enjoyed showing in short dresses or short shorts in the past, the blonde has apparently taken on a tooth in recent weeks. Whether in high heels by the sea, with a friend in the nightlife or in a tight bikini on a lounger – the pop singer's wife is not stingy with her charm and shows unusually revealing.

While Michael Wendler is currently traveling in Mallorca, Claudia is currently in Miami with her daughter. It remains to be seen how Wendler will handle the final separation in the future.

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