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adminJanuary 9, 2019

It has been rumored for a few days that pop star Michael Wendler is said to have fallen in love with a woman 28 years younger. The student now takes a position on the rumors.

Just three months ago, Michael Wendler announced the separation from his wife Claudia Norberg, 48. For 29 years, the hit star and his leader were a couple. The two have A common child: Adeline, 16.

And now it seems that the singer is in love again. His new one is talking: Laura M. is only two years older than Wendler's daughter, says young 18 years old. On Monday, Paparrazzi discovered images of Michael Wendler and his loved ones from the holidays.

New flame speaks for the first time about love

The couple held their hands, smashed in love, enjoyed dinner together and enjoyed the Florida sun. Back in the cold Germany, Fachhochschülerin the German media. Towards the RTL station, she confirmed Liebelei to the 28-year-old "jungle camp" participant.

"I do not yet know where it leads. I do not want to say anything that can cause confusion, explains the beautiful student. She looks confident and smiles proudly into the camera. The relationship with the two still appears fresh." nobody knows. It's in the stars. "She can easily handle the attention she receives from the affair." Okay, "says Laura cheerfully and moves toward the school table.

Wendler's wife is fighting

Michael Wendler himself has so far only sparingly expressed. He said to the "picture": "We do not yet know where this leads us." His wife Claudia let them see that she is not ready to see her ex with another. "I've also seen the latest media photos from Michael and his company. It's an unknown picture for me to see my husband in intimate embrace with another woman," she writes on Instagram.

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