Michael Wendler: His new comments Instagram post from his daughter – an image especially explosive

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Cologne –

This connection currently makes many headlines: Michael Wendler has recently been more in love with a new one on his side, Laura from Stendal.

She is 18 and still goes to school, the singer is 46-28 years old, separates the two. Wendler's daughter Adeline is only two years younger than Laura.

Laura liked and commented on Adeline's photos

She follows her daughter for a while on Instagram and likes to read and comment on her photos. "Hot", "Such a beautiful young lady" or "1000 kiss for you" she often writes under Adelines images.

The teams, but rather back, as far as the likes and comments of the Laura account are concerned, follow Adeline only.

Particularly explosive is the fact that Laura has licked a picture like Adeline and her mother and Wendler's ex-wife can be seen in December 2017.

Laura happens to treat the whisperer

For a long time, both Wendler and Laura have been covered by this relationship, but now Laura has talked to RTL about Wendler for the first time.

"I don't know yet where this leads. I don't want to say anything that causes confusion. Nobody knows what's going on, what's going on. It's in the stars," said the 18-year-old. Not clear relationship exchange, but emotions already seem to be in the game.

The students besieged Laura

Her words sound very like Wendler's brief statement, saying, "Not even both of us know how this is evolving."

In any case, in the school in Stendal, the relationship is Tuschel-theme number one, reports RTL. The students had besieged her when she returned from Wendler in the classroom, said it.

And how does Laura react? Teenage girl bothers little: "So I'm pretty good with it. All good. Actually, she said calmly.

Claudia Norberg: "It has caused many feelings in me"

And what does Wendler's wife Claudia Norberg say? It gave itself to the "picture" diplomatically. "It's just recently that the new woman on my husband's side is just 18," she said.

Of course, there were many emotions in her. "Love is not a matter of age, but if you feel physically attracted to each other, fit together in character, and find a soul mate in the other," she explained.

But she hasn't met Laura yet.


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