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adminOctober 25, 2018

If you have not seen the new "Halloween" movie yet, then you may want to look the other way because an alternative ending has just leaked online and it's pretty mind-boggling!

If you are still reading, we can only assume that you have seen the new Hallowe'en Movie, but if not, let this serve as your last warning. SPOILERS ahead. 16 years after their last face-to-face meeting, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael Myers finally met on the big screen. And while many fans found the end of this film satisfactory, Laurie caught Michael in his secret cellar and set him on fire, since then an alternative version has been leaked online. In the pages of leaked scripts, the original ending reveals a very different ending to the fight between Laurie and Michael.

According to the leaked pages, which you can see below, Laurie eventually runs out of ammunition when she and Michael are fighting outside their home. In turn, she confronts him with a knife, but he has hers and ends up sinking his blade into his chest before turning it and then taking it out. Moments later, Laurie's daughter uses a crossbow to shoot Michael in the chest with an arrow. Then he moves away before collapsing outside with the mannequins in the open air. And Laurie is placed in the back of a truck, while bleeding profusely. With this alternative ending, it does not seem clear whether Laurie and / or Michael survived or not, which is likely why the scene was changed.

The re-engagements were actually made after the trial audiences were not satisfied with the way they ended, according to MovieWeb. And we have to say that we are glad that the end has been changed to what we saw in the theater. Can you imagine if Laurie ended up at the door of death after waiting 40 years To go face to face with your tormentor? It does not seem fair. Frankly, we prefer the ending where Laurie, Karen and Allison come together and knock Michael down once and for all.

However, we must bear in mind that Michael's "death" may not have been a death at all. He definitely seemed to have been defeated, but in a final shot in the basement in flames, Michael is not in sight. And if he waited for the credits to stop rolling, as we did, then he probably heard Michael's heavy breathing once again, a hint that he could live to see another day. Maybe for another sequel?

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