Michael Moore reveals the video of bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc in the Trump Rally

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The director of & # 39; Fahrenheit 11/9 & # 39; compares Cesar Sayoc with "a lost dog without homebound".

Despite "an exterior similar to the Hulk," Cesar Sayoc, the Florida man accused of sending 14 bombs to President Trump's political opponents, was "a stray dog ​​with no direction," Michael Moore wrote in an Instagram post. Sunday in which he revealed images. his team filmed a February 2017 demonstration that Trump held in Melbourne, Florida, in which Sayoc can be seen as part of an angry crowd that sings "CNN sucks!"

Although the three minutes and 38 seconds of raw footage did not make it to Moore's current movie, Fahrenheit 11/9Moore, who was photographed, with the cross of a rifle superimposed on his image, in Sayoc's truck, launched the YouTube video on Sunday "just to give him a momentary glimpse of him in action."

In his Instagram post, Moore explained that he sent a team that included producer Basel Hamden and long-time collaborator Eric Weinrib to the rally, which took place the month after Trump's inauguration, not to film Trump but to capture images of the crowds it attracts. To understand "our American compatriots, lost souls full of anger and possible violence, easily fed a lot of lies so large and toxic that we wondered if there was ever a chance we could get them back from the Dark Side."

As the camera moves back and forth through the crowd, throwing invectives at the media, Sayoc, holding up a "CNN sucks" signal, is briefly seen four times. "If you stop there, you'll see something deep," Moore writes, "fear in his eyes."

Sayoc, he continues, belongs to a group of men who "have been led to believe, [they] They were and are being attacked by people like Hillary and Michelle and all those "feminazis" who have had only one mission: political castration. The theft of power from the patriarchy that had been in force for 10,000 years. " (See the video below, Sayoc appears in the marks 0:42, 1:34, 1:44 and 3:15).

Moore continues: "Trump has told you that you are at war: WAR! – against the rest of us, the vast majority who believe that climate change is real, who unambiguously affirm that women are equal citizens with the absolute right to control their own reproductive organs, who have seen how the free enterprise system is a deception designed to destroy the middle class and which requires that all people have the right to cast their votes easily without any interference. Caesar and his brothers ARE at war, against all these things, against us, the majority, and they are at war inside and against themselves. That's why they will lose, but not before they take some of us. "

The filmmaker, who says he is not unaware of the threats, admits he was "a little shocked" when he saw his face among those stuck in Sayoc's truck and that the authorities have been looking for a package, far, none has been discovered.

Moore concludes: "Today we mourn the last loss of life this weekend in Pittsburgh. As it was when fascism began to spread in the last century, it begins with a few thugs who commit random acts of violence against people whom their leader has told them to hate. However, no matter what terrible events await us in the coming days or weeks, we will not be dissuaded from our unique mission: the electoral tsunami of the voters that we took to the polls on November 6 to end this madness. "

In a previous statement issued Friday, Moore singled out Trump and Fox News for creating an atmosphere that breeds right-wing violence, and said: "Unfortunately, the new and dangerous dynamic of political violence in the United States is that it is now promoted and encourages. " by the President of the United States. We must vote out of office to all the facilitators of this man and the violent culture that he instigates and nurtures. "There are millions and millions of us who will never be intimidated, who will never back down and who will appear on Election Day."

Read Moore's full post below.

My team first met with Cesar Sayoc, the terrorist / terrorist by mail, 20 months ago, when we went to Melbourne, Florida, to film Trump's first Trump 2020 Re-election Rally, just one month after his opening. My address to my producer Basel Hamdan and our long-time collaborator Eric Weinrib was NOT to film Trump, but only to film the people who came to see him. My feeling was that, after a month in office, we did not need to hear anything else from Trump's mouth, we already knew everything we needed to know about him. The people we needed to understand were our American compatriots, lost souls full of anger and possible violence, who easily fed a lot of such big and toxic lies that we wondered if there was ever a chance we could bring them from the Dark Side. Our images of Mr. Sayoc would never reach the final cut of what would be the movie that is now in its last week in theaters across the United States. But I'd like to share it with you, if only to give you a momentary glimpse of him in action (everyone is free to use this video and share it). You have seen the pictures of him in the news in recent days, a light, normal, everyday American. But those are from before. Here, with our video, I can show you what it had become: an overdose of steroids in what appears to be a desperate attempt to cling to what was left of his manhood. Hillary, Michelle and all those "feminazis" who had only one mission: political castration, were and were attacked by men like Hillary, Michelle and Michelle. The theft of power from the patriarchate that had existed for 10,000 years. The end of men …[1/3]

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