Michael J. Fox: First tattoo on 57 people

adminJanuary 11, 2019

For a tattoo you are never too old!

Actor Michael J. Fox ("Back to the Future") got his first tattoo at the age of 57!

He proudly shows the result on his Instagram page. On the right forearm is now a turtle that flows through five rings.

"My first tattoo, a sea turtle, a long story," says the actor, who became world famous in 1985 as Marty McFly with the classic movie "Back to the Future". He stuck it in a New York tattoo salon, where even stars like Justin Bieber or Rihanna were under the needle.

The story behind the fine-line tattoo was explained by Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy, owner of the tattoo room and deadly Michael J. Fox fan of Inked Magazine.

"He told me there was a change in his career as he swam in Saint John. He discovered this turtle with a missing piece in the veneer and a scar on his face. This turtle let him swim with him for about half an hour. Immediately afterwards he made a decision that was important to him. So this turtle was quite meaningful to him. "

On January 9, the tattoo was completely finished, and all the staff at the tattoo room were ecstatic.

He wrote many things for us, McCurdy says. "We took pictures, he was just good for us. For a moment we were allowed to be fans again."

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