Michael Bublé tells James Corden that he is not well after the battle against his son's cancer

adminOctober 27, 2018

Michael Buble He was brought to tears while struggling to discuss the battle against his son's cancer James corden.

The singer of "I still do not know you" appears in a special edition of Stand Up to Cancer of "Carpool Karaoke", during which he was asked about his son. Noahcancer diagnosis Two years ago, the Grammy winner and his wife, Luisana lopilatoHe revealed that his 3-year-old son, Noah, had been diagnosed with cancer. "We are devastated by the recent cancer diagnosis of our oldest son, Noah, who is currently in treatment in the US We have always talked a lot about the importance of family and the love we have for our children," the couple wrote. . On the Facebook page of Lopilato at that time. "Luisana and I are going to dedicate all our time and attention to help Noah improve, suspending our professional activities for now."

In April of 2017, Lopilato revealed the wonderful news that Noah is fine.

"Thank God, my son is fine, when things like the ones that happened to us happen, your way of seeing life changes," he said. "It happened to us, now I value life much more, now and today, I would like to thank people for their support, for the prayers they said, for their love, and I want them to know that they reached us and helped us. A lot to overcome this. "

During Bublé's "Carpool Karaoke" episode, posted on YouTube on Friday, he admitted "it's not right" after his 5-year-old son's battle with cancer.

"Now, you've had, by anyone's standards, you've had a couple of incredibly difficult years," Corden said. "I think any person really, but particularly any parent of young children, essentially what I think you've been through in recent years is the worst nightmare for everyone, tell me everything that happened with Noah."

"It's so hard to have to admit it because it's very painful to talk about that," replied Bublé, holding back the tears. "But, obviously, we got the diagnosis and that was it, my life was over."

"He's a weird man, I'm not fine," he admitted later to Corden. "My wife, honestly, when all this started, I became the force to catch and raise and be positive. [the cancer] The chemo was over and they told me: "We did it, it's fine, it's fine", I fell, I fell. My wife picks me up now. "

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