Michael B. Jordan, star of "Creed II" in Stallone, Coogler and why he is not comfortable with success

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Michael B. Jordan he has become a critically acclaimed protagonist, starring in films such as "Fruitvale Station," "Creed," and as the villain in "Black Panther," the highest-grossing superhero movie in the US. UU

In his new film, "Creed II," the 31-year-old actor repeats the role of boxer Adonis Creed in the split of the classic Rocky franchise. Jordan sat down with the co-host of "CBS This Morning," Gayle King, to talk about his career and how he has erased the line between reality and fantasy for his latest role.

"My dad used to, you know, take me to boxing matches and I used to see them, you know, all the time at home, I never imagined, I could never dream that I would be playing with a boxer," Jordan said. "I like to live like a fighter, to train like a fighter, you know, I tell everyone on the set, and you know that, but … Do not treat me like an actor … Treat me like a fighter. I've broken my hand several times making this movie, swollen hands, like, I want to feel it, I want to go home and feel pain.

Jordan shares the screen in both "Creed" and "Creed II" with Sylvester Stallone, who starred in the original franchise as Rocky Balboa and has now dedicated himself to training younger fighters like Adonis.

"Sly is a special guy … He has a lot of stories to tell and he's like your uncle When he shows up, he tells you stories of when he did it or, you know, what has changed … always gives little importance. of wisdom whenever he can, then I'm like a sponge, I just absorb everything, "Jordan said of his relationship with Stallone.

Jordan, who is also a producer on "Creed II," began his career on the critically acclaimed HBO series "The Wire." He played the 16-year-old drug dealer, Wallace, who is murdered in the middle of a heated drug war.

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Michael B. Jordan and Gayle King

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"I remember that I cried on the set because I said" I can not go back to work with you. I have to go back to school. "You know, and I was like," I'll never go back to work. "And everyone said," Look, Mike, you'll be fine. You're going to be great & # 39; "All the older actors took me under their wing and said if you really want this to be a race, you can do it," Jordan said.

That career reached new heights with the "Black Panther" this year, which crushed the box office and became a cultural phenomenon. Jordan said he was not surprised by the success of the movie.

"I think I knew it would have an impact because of the cast, the story," Jordan said. "Everyone from all walks of life is really connected with this project and they felt pride, sense of identity, sense of belonging from where you came from and I think that was really very important."

"Black Panther" marked the third time Jordan worked with director Ryan Coogler. Jordan has starred in his three films.

"He's a genius, you know, and I do not say it vaguely … looking directly at this brother, I say," Wow, can I do that? "You know, I never knew I could do that. Someone my age who looks like me in a similar place, with a similar family background, I never knew that was an option for me that way … with Ryan, you know, our relationship became brothers. , you know, when we're going through some of the things when we're stressed. "

Despite his success in good faith, Jordan still doubts himself sometimes.

"I just never want to get drunk with my own hype You know, I always treat things like they disappear You know, everything can stop You know, maybe because I'm still not comfortable No, I mean I'm comfortable But I'm not comfortable I know there's a lot to do, and I do not think I'll ever feel completely comfortable. "

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