Michael B. Jordan has slipped into the DM of his fans before, so you'll want to update your notification statistics – VIDEO

adminNovember 21, 2018

You may want to check the status of your notifications on social media, because Michael B. Jordan has just admitted that he has slipped among DM fans and the actor seems not to apologize for it, according to People. On Tuesday, November 20 episode of The show by Ellen DeGeneres, which was co-organized by Chrissy Teigen, Jordan openly revealed that he has used the magic of direct messages to find romance.

During the chat, People reveals that Teigen asked: "Have you ever connected through direct messages?"

"Yes, I have," Jordan replied frankly. "I have, I have, I have, I have. I am human, I am human. Not often, but yes, I have.

At the beginning of the discussion, DeGeneres expressed curiosity about the Credo II The unique state of the star is its position as one of Hollywood's most sought after sex symbols. It goes without saying that Jordan should not have trouble finding an appointment as he shares that his work schedule does not allow him to find love.

"I've been working, I've been working crazy So I really have not had time to go out properly," he explained.

While Jordan seemed to be sincere in his response, DeGeneres quickly rejected the excuse and said:

"We do not buy it, we all work hard, but we have relationships, so many people are in love, it should be flattering, there are so many girls who are crazy about you."

Teigen intervened to offer Jordan help to share: "My assistant will really try to send you DM right after this, she's ready for the kids, everything." However, it seems that Jordan is quite ready to calm down still, answering: "I take my time and I get into that. "

The state of Jordan's relationship has been a major topic of discussion in recent years, especially after his shirtless battle for Wakanada's reign in box office success in February. Black Panther. The moment in particular caused a young woman to clench her jaw so hard that she broke her retainer.


the Cable The artist has often tried to be shy when it comes to questions about their courtship life, preferring to keep fans in the dark about their romantic conquests. In May, Jordan did not confirm or deny that she had a girlfriend during an interview with The breakfast club. He told the host Charlemagne that God wanted me to "keep my personal life out of this" and revealed that he does not necessarily have a guy who says "period of women, all women, everyone is at the table".

Certainly it does not lack perspectives in the world of the appointments. It was rumored in early 2018 that Jordan was dating the Instagram model Ashlyn Castro after she posted now erased photos of her celebration of Kwanzaa with him. Fruitvale Station star on Instagram. Jordan's social networks flirt with Lupita Nyong & # 39; s entire Black Panther The press tour also made the fans send the costars as a couple. Despite the apparent chemistry, both actors have maintained that they are just friends.


More recently, Nicki Minaj rushed to shoot with the actor while being named female artist of 2018 in E! Prizes chosen by the people. In the middle of her speech, Minaj shared without apology,

"I scream to Donatella Versace for the habit of making this outfit for me, and she screams at Michael B. Jordan because he's going to take it away from me tonight."

In September, the US Open champion, Naomi Osaka, timidly admitted to DeGeneres that she was in love with Jordan, which led the talk show host to try to connect them on a date. People notes that DeGeneres tweeted the athlete a picture without Jordan's shirt for his 21st birthday in October. Then Jordan came in, sharing a bare-chested selfie in honor of the big day in Osaka and tweeting, "This is better and more recent." LOL. "He continued," Happy Belated Bday Naomi. But seriously I want to invite you to the Credo 2 premiere as a birthday present. "

It is not clear if Osaka has accepted the invitation or not. However, it is worth noting that Jordan is certainly no stranger to interaction with followers through social networks. In May of this year, the 31-year-old invited a fan who slipped in his DM to the stage where he was filming scenes for the next Creed continuation.


While Jordan's public bachelor status seems to be something he's clinging to, his recent comments reveal that he definitely falls into his DM.

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