Mhoni Vidente makes shocking predictions about AMLO and Mexico

adminDecember 31, 2018

After earning him the prediction of the tragic death of the governor of Puebla, Martha Erika Alonso, and her husband, ex-governor Rafael Moreno Valle, Mhoni Vidente, now revealed the forecasts of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) in 2019.

And it is that during the inauguration of President AMLO, Mhoni saw Videe "the angel of death", which, according to her, anticipates a series of tragic deaths among the political class that was assembled instead.

"It is very difficult to come down to such an important time for a country or city, but when it comes down, it is a sign that it will be a tragedy that will completely change the course of an entire country or more country, "he said. The visionary according to the news page Infobae.

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So many already give him the credit for having prophesied the tragic accident where Governor Martha Érika Alonso and her husband, Rafael Moreno Valle, lost their lives after the helicopter they traveled on the afternoon of December 24 fell. .

But even though Mhoni Vident's prophecy points to several tragedies for those who participated in the AMLO protest, this prediction does not include him.

"To Andrés Manuel López Obrador I see no attack," clarified the clairvoyance and said "his six-year term will end without tragedy."

In fact, he added, "The economy is going to move on after April, at that time Mexico will come up with financial problems, so it should be quiet at this time. The dollar comes to 21.50 or 22 pesos by the end of this year . "

But the most surprising revelation of López Obrador included his family.


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