Mexico: A young man reacts extremely when he meets love's adultery (VIDEO)

adminJanuary 10, 2019

A chapter of the Mexican program "Exposing victims" It has put an end to the relationship between a couple in a way that has caused controversy in social networks.

This space is known to reveal infidelity because the participants accept it Check the contents of their cell phones in exchange for receiving cash.

In episode 50, the presenter of the mobile phone reads to a woman and before her boyfriend a man had made a proposal for marriage with the owner of the unit.

The news annoyed the young man, who he shouted and insulted his girlfriendwho gave him a blow and left. The boy followed and reached, but a policeman prevented a possible deterioration and even let him squeeze him to offer you comfort.

But the spiteful was unable to end his suffering and Turn a public phone with your head. The incident has generated great sympathy for the victim, and many have expressed their moral support through social networks.

But other users say that all the events shown in the episode are nothing more than an act of acting and not a real situation.

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