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adminJanuary 7, 2019

According to the news of a television program that they are participating in a television program, according to Arzu Kaya Habertürk & # 39; s People People T.C. An investigation of Başlatıl armed rebellion against his government you, "offends President Lama," humbles a part of the people year and "praises crime and a criminal". Müjdat Gezen participated in the same investigation for "abusive presidential chess. The two prisoners were released on condition of judicial control.

A malicious file that is omitted

Public Prosecutor's Office in the Survey, Akpınar ılığı Halkı T.C. the government of the armed uprising deprives of charges against the charge. Fezleke kept it. .C People by T.C. Fezleke, who was ordered to urge the armed rebellion against his government Baş, was sent by saying that he was within the scope of the duty of the Istanbul Public Prosecutor's Office.

The investigation of the anatolian case lawyer in connection with two other crimes continues.


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