Melania Trump, imitator Stripper, Melanie Marden, receiving death threats

adminOctober 21, 2018


Video of T.I. Melania

Similar stripper receiving death threats

10/21/2018 12:40 AM PDT


The woman who plays the role of Melania Trump Y YOU.The personal dancer of the lap in the video room of the rapper does not regret having taken the concert, despite having received many death threats.

Melanie Marden he tells TMZ … his life has been threatened daily. He can not believe that people are so irritated that they go after an actress who tries to make a living.

And, speaking of people with time on their hands, Melanie points to the representatives of the First Lady for taking the rap video. waaaay very seriously.

The actress thinks that everyone needs to relax and focus on real problems, such as finding a cure for cancer.

Melanie is not retracing herself for portraying the First Lady from an extremely sexual perspective, but acknowledges that the video could have been presented in a better way.


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