Melania returns from Iraq … no pants ?: The first lady's "risky style" goes viral

adminDecember 29, 2018

The leggings of the president's wife, similar in color to her skin, made many believe her legs were naked.

The return to the White House of US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania, who this week visited the country's troops in Iraq and Germany, has led to a new and heated debate on the Internet This time, the attention of Internet users focused on the pants worn off the first lady to come down with her husband from the Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

The leggings, of a shade similar to the first lady's skin, created an optical illusion and caused many to believe that Melania returned from the Middle East without pants, instantly unleash a wave of comments on social networks.

"Melania, a bad color scheme for those pants, oh god!" Say a tweet.

"It looks like Melania has lost a couple of rounds in stripping," another user sarcastically commented.

"Inspired by Buddy", he tweeted other users, and referred to the American movie "Elf" with a goblin named Buddy.

However, the jokes were not there. Having ridiculed the first lady's leggings, the attention of netizens turned to the upper part of the body. "It doesn't matter what mini-run is not mini-run, the question is, why do you have sunglasses at night?" Reads one of the comments.

"What about sunglasses in Flotus? Are you preparing for the witness protection program?" Another user tweets.

"How bright is the sun at five in the morning at the end of December?" Can be read in another comment.

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