Mehmet Ali Erbil on the conspirator!

adminDecember 26, 2018

An interesting claim was raised about Mehmet Ali Erbil, the screen's dear face. Her sister responded to allegations of air.

Mehmet Ali Erbil, who fell and fell to his house, was hospitalized for 70 days in the intensive care unit.

Erbil, who started talking and eating food, was shocked. It was claimed that his lover was attacked by his family, and he was admitted because of the assault. Yeşim Erbil, who was affiliated with the second page program published in Channel D, responded to the allegations live.

I was in the hospital yesterday. Stelyo showed. "They wrote something like that," he said. I didn't know it spread. And I didn't stop. They do it so they can get a sequel. It is not possible to hide a forensic event though. 70 days to get to the beginning of this, the things that are going to be nothing to be coined. What shall I say? It's not like that. You can't hide anyway … A forensic event … How can you hide such a big event? Those who do so should be punished in some way. Is it hidden? There is no such thing.

In fact, I'm far from the community, but the brother's private life is spoken a lot as if it seems to be too much.

I've written an article "Have a Missed, Have an Abandoned More Than the Events in the Magazine World …" Normal people living this way do it themselves. Of course, I don't say this to confirm. I can't say another x young person has less female friends than my brother.

Everyone is lunatic. Transport is so easy that … The site is willing to sell consent. Men don't do this with mountains and rocks. He does it with women …

The name of my Abiminki is no more than others. Just because others think they are more cautious, they are not. Our is reflected in the magazine.

And that's something like that. Divorce happens, what is reflected in negative news about the press … My wife still leaves the relationship with my spouse continues. They will visit. This is due to this man's naivety, and does nothing bad for anyone.

There is no new development related to health status. He speaks, he eats, he is still in intensive care. The treatment is ongoing. I hope he gets so much better. "

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