Megyn Kelly's morning show on NBC is over

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Megyn Kelly's morning show on NBC is over. The network announced on Friday that other "Today" presenters will replace it at 9 am, ending "Megyn Kelly Today." The cancellation follows the months of mistakes, the uncomfortable moments and a racially insensitive defense of the black face Halloween costumes. .

Kelly, who was once a star on Fox News, had long ambitions to break out of the bubble of conservative news and move to the highest level of broadcast personalities, with the aspiration to become a mix of Oprah Winfrey and Charlie Rose.

He once said he wanted to "help people," just as Oprah had. The title of his book suggested that he wanted to "settle for more." He debuted on his NBC morning show "Megyn Kelly Today," saying he was "somewhat finished with politics for now."

But his difficult transition to morning news showed how difficult it is to separate the identity of the Fox News brand.

The end of his program was announced in a tweet by NBC News. People familiar with the matter said Thursday that Kelly's lawyers and the NBC brigade planned to meet today to discuss the details of their relationship. NBC attracted Kelly from Fox News early last year with a three-year, $ 69 million contract.

Kelly's future with NBC remains uncertain. "Megyn is still an employee of NBC News and discussions about the next steps are continuing," attorney Bryan Freedman said in a statement.

She is not welcome back at her old house, Fox News, which she left in bitter terms.

"We are very happy with all our alignment," said a spokesman for Fox News. Kelly burned bridges at Fox after she publicly discussed sexual harassment, saying she faced the late Roger Ailes, the co-founder of the channel.

In some corners, the Fox News experts enjoyed some confusion in the failure of Kelly on NBC. Darla Shine, the wife of White House deputy chief of staff Bill Shine, a former Fox News executive, happily observed Kelly's problems tweeting A story that noted that Kelly did not appear on her show for the rest of the week, along with the comment that: "This is what happens when you tilt the universe with @Megynkelly lies. . . . You helped perpetuate the lies against those who helped you. Only the truth will set you free!

Shine, whose husband had been a deputy for Ailes for a long time, had also attacked Kelly when she first said that Ailes sexually harassed her.

Some NBC employees were skeptical of Kelly when it became known that she would leave Fox for her network. Others doubted that she could make the transition from a hard-edged cable news anchor at the lightest rate of a morning show.

It was in the casual joke segment of "Megyn Kelly Today" that she had trouble this week, when she asked her completely white guest panel: "What is racist?"

"You really get in trouble if you're a white person who puts on a black face for Halloween or a black person who puts on a white face for Halloween," he continued. "When I was a kid I was fine, as long as you were disguised as a character."

Even before this latest controversy, which caused the cast of Netflix's "House of Cards" to cancel an appearance on their show, Kelly had trouble booking big stars. However, it seems that she found her balance by focusing the episodes on victims of sexual harassment as those stories came to the fore.

Kelly's friend Eleanor McManus, a crisis manager who appeared on Kelly's show several times, argued that NBC's treatment of Kelly was a reprisal for her report on the #MeToo movement, particularly her attention to the allegations against NBC and its stars.

"Megyn made a mistake, and apologized for it immediately." Instead of creating a teaching moment for all, NBC chose to embarrass her, "said McManus." Megyn has used her program to give women a voice in the movement. #MeToo, without fearing the consequences, even if those people were in their own backyard, she is one of the greatest advocates for women. "

In addition to expressing Ailes' behavior and asking a difficult question to then-candidate Donald Trump during a Republican Party debate, Kelly covered Matt Lauer's sexual harassment scandal and invited one of his victims to his program. He also provided a platform for complaints against Tom Brokaw of NBC News, which caused resentment among NBC colleagues.

But Kelly's ascent on Fox showed many warning signs of his views on race, which his colleagues at NBC have termed problematic. He famously declared in the air on the cable channel that both Santa and Jesus were white.

Now, his struggles on NBC have provided a warning to Fox News personalities who seek to leave their sphere and enter another.


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