Megyn Kelly apologized to her colleagues after making controversial comments about Blackface on live television.

A replay of "Megyn Kelly Today" aired on Thursday, and NBC told USA TODAY that the program will not be broadcast live for the rest of the week, as rumors of its morning show time are reaching its finish.

His absence came two days after he angered viewers of "Today" and his NBC colleagues by Defending halloween blackface costumes. His Wednesday episode focused largely on his apology in the air for the controversy.

A source in the program confirms to USA TODAY that there is an expectation that their "Today" program time will be canceled today.

During a round table on Tuesday, Kelly apparently defended "black face" and "white face" for the October vacation because he was "fine when he was a child, as long as you dressed like a character."

At the top of the program on Wednesday, he said: "I want to start with two words: I'm sorry," he said at the top of the program on Wednesday morning. "You may have heard that yesterday we had a conversation about political correctness and Halloween costumes … I defended the idea (blackface), saying that it was always respectful and part of a Halloween costume, which seemed fine. Well I was wrong and I'm sorry. "

On Wednesday night, The Hollywood Reporter and the Wall Street Journal reported that Kelly's departure from the morning show is imminent, and said he had separated from his agent, who also represents his boss on NBC News, Noah Oppenheim.

USA TODAY has contacted Kelly, NBC and the "Today" program for comments.

This story is developing.

Contributing: Gary Levin

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