Megyn Kelly showed her face, and much more

adminOctober 25, 2018

Megyn Kelly, the new and very expensive addition to the morning of NBC, is gone, for now, and perhaps forever, after saying he did not see the big problem of whites using blackface.

Who could have seen this coming, except for someone who knew something about his career?

Kelly retired on Thursday from "Megyn Kelly Today," after a segment on Tuesday that defended whites for wearing dark pigment makeup in Halloween costumes, a practice that has a degrading history that goes back to the minstrel's shows. XIX century.

For Kelly, this story was just an annoyance, ruining a good innocent moment. "What is racist?" She asked. "When I was a kid, that was O.K. while you dressed like a character." (Sidebar: I'm a few years older than Megyn Kelly, and it was not like that, it's also a long way from 2018).

It was amazing. However, it was nothing new to Kelly and the race, or, for that matter, the vacation. In a December 2013 segment of her old Fox News show about Santa's racial depictions, she told "all the kids they're watching at home." that Santa was definitely white. (She said the same thing about Jesus, which at least is historically debatable).

Kelly's panel on Tuesday was all white, which was a problem in itself. But that may also be why Kelly felt so comfortable doing what (to her, apparently) was a completely harmless comment, no matter how much she saw her comments about Santa.

It is a pattern, and not unknown. It's the kind of comment that comes from people who do not see themselves as racists. They see themselves as, you know, normal. Regular. The default value

They grew up in a world where these normal, predetermined, normal things were, well, they were exactly the way things were were. ("Santa just is white, "Kelly said in 2013, as if to say that the sun rose in the east, and they do not understand why people are so annoying and sensitive now for what they consider harmless.

In the end, it is the reaction of people who did not have to think much about sharing the world with people different from them. They were never asked to learn much about these other people, or to consider how their "harmless" actions, speech and entertainment could exclude or hurt them. Now people like Kelly are asked to learn. And they are puzzled, or irritated, or downright angry about it.

Sometimes this feeling manifests itself in an impromptu commentary on Halloween. Sometimes it's "Why should I say, & Happy Holidays? & # 39;" Sometimes they are tiki torches and "It will not replace us". The degree is different. But everything returns to: Mine used to be the main thing, the automatic thing, and not now, and I do not like it.

That's the cheering force of much of Fox News programming, like Tucker Carlson's prime time cultural war. But NBC has a wider audience and a different staff. In a surprising public display on Wednesday, Roker said that Kelly "owes a greater apology to people of color from around the country" and presenter Craig Melvin said his words were "racist and ignorant."

It's also possible that Kelly simply did not have good enough qualifications to get away with it. It would not be the first time that a television network has done the right thing for the wrong reason.

NBC knew Kelly's resume, after all. I should have known that, in 2013, with the support of Fox and his audience, she He dismissed the critics of "Santa is white" for having made a big deal with a "bad joke" and having shown that "Fox News and his are really big goals."

On Wednesday, with her colleagues condemning her, she apologized, her voice trapped in her throat. "I've never been a P.C. person," he said, "but I understand the value of being sensitive to our history, particularly about race and ethnicity."

He followed with a segment in which PBS presenter Amy Holmes and journalist Roland Martin talked about the history of the black face and the standard of white beauty, defined, as Martin said, as "a white woman with blue eyes and blonde" . a remarkable thirteen minutes of Kelly (white, blue-eyed, blonde) sitting almost in silence, receiving a public lesson from two black guests about her own racial oblivion and that of many white Americans.

I do not pretend to read minds or hearts. Maybe Kelly really sees this time that she said something wrong, instead of being a little reckless, and that she really wants to learn, grow and change.

The people can do this. You may not be paid $ 17 million a year to do it. Maybe, when it comes to matters as basic as this, the learning part should come first.

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