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Megyn Kelly has reinforced her team by hiring a major Hollywood litigator in the midst of her black-face controversy, indicating that the anchor is ready to start an aggressive fight while she solves her possible exit plan with NBC.

Kelly is now represented by Bryan Freedman, one of the founding partners of the Freedman & Taitelman law firm, based in Los Angeles. Variety Has confirmed. Kelly's new lawyer is scheduled to meet with NBC executives on Friday to "determine the next steps," experts say.

Neither Kelly's personal representative nor Kelly's lawyer were immediately available to comment on the current status of the presenter on NBC.

The appointment of Kelly's lawyer occurs when the presenter has separated from his agency, CAA. A person familiar with the matter says. Variety Kelly left CAA because the agency also represents NBC News president Noah Oppenheim.

In recent months, before the recent controversy, tensions have increased between Kelly and the management of NBC News. Sources with knowledge of the situation say that the president of NBC News, Andy Lack, disapproved that Kelly aggressively covered the stories about sexual harassment in his program, particularly related to NBC and dishonored presenter Matt Lauer, who was fired last November .

"After Andy Lack turned against her yesterday, she decided that she needed a non-conflicting agency because of Noah," says a connoisseur with knowledge of Kelly's thinking, referring to NBC News sending its anchors to cover Kelly's comments widely. faces

NBC News declined to comment.

After Kelly's controversial comments about how to dress blackface on Halloween, the station apologized to its staff and was on the air the next day, but her apology did not stop the intense reaction online. NBC covered the controversy in detail on "Today" and "NBC Nightly News."

Kelly hired Freedman on Wednesday night. However, the change in his team was in effect before his black face comments on Tuesday's "Megyn Kelly Today," indicating that Kelly was watching a change in his role on NBC News before the scandal broke. After she made the decision not to be represented by CAA, a source of information explained that Kelly had been in talks with UTA before the black face controversy. After the reaction, UTA decided not to represent it. Another informant says that UTA suggested that Kelly should be represented by Freedman, since a lawyer might be better suited to his needs than an agent.

Freedman is a litigant on the talent side, who previously represented UTA in the dispute over the controversial move of 13 CAA agents to the firm. While on Fox News, Kelly was reprimanded by the N.S., owned by the UTA. The Bienstock agency before signing with CAA before its multi-million dollar NBC News deal in 2017.

At the time of publication, NBC News declined to comment on the status of Kelly's employment with the company.



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