Megyn Kelly Hastily Walks Back Argument of the Blackface costume: "I'm sorry"

adminOctober 23, 2018


Long before it became an unlikely voice of the anti-Trump resistance, Megyn Kelly He made a name on Fox News by adopting controversial opinions, especially regarding vacations and race. But while declaring that Santa and Jesus should Be White may have won his praise in his old network, a more recent argument about the race and Halloween did not sit so well on NBC, his new home. Just a few hours after questioning the taboo of whites who wore black faces for seasonal costumes on their television show, Kelly wrote a letter of apology to his co-workers, saying: Friends and colleagues, it's taking me to rethink my own opinions. "

Addressing a completely white guest panel:Jenna Bush Hager, From MSNBC Jacob Soboroff, Y Melissa RiversIn the air on Tuesday, Kelly expressed confusion over social norms that discourage white people from darkening their faces while wearing costumes. "You get in trouble if you're a white person who puts on a black face for Halloween or if you're a black person who puts on a white face for Halloween, when he was a child who was O.K. while you dressed as a character," he said.

While the rest of the panel seemed to be arguing against the Halloween costumes that might offend, none reacted very strongly to Kelly's comments. Kelly also did not stop to consider the wider social implications of the black face, which led to a barrage of tweets heavily drafted by viewers and other news professionals.

In an internal email to his coworkers on NBC that was soon circulated in online transactions, Kelly acknowledged his mistake on Tuesday afternoon:

Dear friends and teammates:

One of the wonderful things about my job is that I have the opportunity to
Express and listen to many opinions. Today is one of those days where
Listen carefully to other points of view, including friends.
and colleagues, it is leading me to rethink my own points of view.

When we had the round table discussion on the subject
controversy of making your face look like a different race as part of
A Halloween costume, I suggested that this looked like O.K. if it is done as part
of this party where people have the opportunity to see each other.
like others. The iconic Diana Ross It emerged as an example. For me
he thought, why would it be controversial for someone to disguise himself as
Diana Ross will look like this amazing woman as a way of
Honor it and respect it?

Now I realize that such behavior is wrong, and I'm sorry. the
The history of Blackface in our culture is abominable; The wounds too deep.

I have never been a "P.C." type of person, but I understand that
We need to be more sensitive in this day and age. Particularly in career
and the ethnic issues that, far from being healed, have been
Exacerbated in our policy during the past year. This is a time for
More understanding, love, sensitivity and honor, and I want to be a part.
of that. I hope to continue that discussion.

I am honored to work with all of you every day.



NBC paid through the nose to steal Kelly from Fox News in early 2017, and according to reports earlier this year, that bet has not paid off. Despite a $ 69 million three-year contract, Business Insider has reported that Megyn Kelly's programs "are low in all respects", compared to the numbers he obtained at Fox, shows that air in the same space of time on other networks, and hosts who came before her on NBC.

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