Meghan's bow has evolved since last year

adminDecember 30, 2018

The Duchess of Sussex has trained.


December 29, 2018, at 15:10

Meghan already masterfully mastered the real bow. It has been a year since the American showed reverence for the Queen in public for the first time along with the remaining members of the British royal family on Christmas Eve. Now he shows that he has learned a lot since he changed alliances Harry last May.

Meghan, who debuted a small polished bow in December 2017, with much more confidence, bowed her head, squeezed her hands and lowered herself in the right position, in a gesture of respect for Isabel II just outside the church of St. Mary Magdalene.

To remember that the English royal family attended this Tuesday, December 25, in Christmas Mass in Norfolk. The queen Isabel II, who received the various family members in Sandringham, were accompanied on this special day by those most dear to him to participate in the religious celebration.

At a time when much is said about the allegedly difficult relationship between Kate and Meghan, the Dukes were quite complicated during this holiday, talked and smiled when they arrived.

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