Meghan Markle's nephew on the new MTV reality show

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Meghan Markle's nephew follows in his footsteps on television!

Tyler Dooley, 25, the son of Meghan's stepbrother, Thomas Markle Jr., has been chosen for the new MTV show, The real world, which opens on November 7.

Unlike Meghan's guided show CostumesDooley is watching an unscripted series that follows the lives of royalty youth and aristocrats when they meet for a summer to live in the English countryside and film each of their movements.

Dooley, as the program says, "is not real, it's just your average guy."

In a trailer of the series, Dooley explains that his connection with royalty is "for my aunt Meghan". However, he admitted that he did not see his wedding with Prince Harry in May.

"Sorry Meghan, I did not," Dooley said in the clip before explaining that she was in London for the nuptials.

"Honestly, with the controversy that is happening in my family, all I wanted to do was show my support," Dooley added.

Meghan Markle and Tyler Dooley

Meghan Markle and Tyler Dooley

Chris Jackson / Getty; MTV

In addition to his upcoming television debut, Dooley is not afraid to use his real connection for his benefit, as he also runs a marijuana dispensary in Oregon called Royally Grown. He even has a variety of marijuana named for Meghan called Meghan Sparkle.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle

REX / Shutterstock

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Your site describes the chain as an "extremely powerful" mix that is as "unique and individual" as Meghan herself.

"Meghan falls in love with Prince Harry, marries the Royal Family, and her blossoming friendship with the Queen has captivated the nation." Our intrigue and obsession with all real things has been rekindled well and truly. The real world "The true melting pot of world aristocrats will show what it really means to be young and real," said Craig Orr, Vice President of Commissioner and Development, MTV International in a statement obtained by Variety.


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