Meghan Markle was caught in a security risk in Fiji and managed it as a total professional

adminOctober 24, 2018

Look at any of the photographs of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's public engagements and you'll like to see thousands of people dressed in regal outfits and holding signs for them to see. There is no denying that the modern couple is super popular and, as expected, they have a hard working team that works to keep them safe as they go through the crowds. During an event in the Fiji market, a security risk caused Meghan Markle to rush to leave, interrupting her visit. So, what really happened?

Meghan Markle was at the Municipal Market in Suva on Wednesday to meet several women who are part of the "Markets for Change" initiative of UN Women. According to the Associated Press, it was expected to spend about 15 minutes exploring the covered market and talking to the vendors. However, around half of the visit, she imagined her talking about her security details and then she was taken away immediately.

A representative of Kensington Palace told the publication that the Duchess's team had "concerns about the large crowd that came to greet her in relatively limited space." They explained that the "crowd management problems" were the reason why his details asked him to leave.

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Although many were understandably disappointed, the Duchess could not be there any longer, said Kensington Palace. the Sun, "Meghan met with everyone she had scheduled. "

The municipal market of Suva is a covered market located in a gigantic warehouse, which houses "approximately 3500 vendors" according to the official website. The stalls sell everything from seafood to fresh fruit and tobacco leaves, which makes it a colorful experience, if not crowded.

A source described the scene for the Sun"There were much larger crowds than people had anticipated and there were a lot of crowded people in the market."

"Before entering the market, where there were dozens of people shouting and greeting inside with their phones on high to record. Meghan leaned down and whispered in her ear one of her assistants, "said the source.

Another source told the Mirror that the duchess seemed upset: "When she entered the market she looked really disconnected, not with her usual personality," said the source. "He stopped to talk to a pineapple vendor in one of the stalls and had a blank look on his face, which is very different from her."

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They added: "It was very hot and humid there, so maybe it was not the best environment for a pregnant woman."

As for Prince Harry, according to the AP, he was not scheduled to join Meghan Markle at the Suva market and instead was "revealing a plaque on a forest site." The couple is on day nine of sixteen of their real tour, just over half. Early Wednesday, Meghan Markle gave her first speech of the visit to the University of the South Pacific.

He announced the creation of two new scholarships for the National University of Fiji and the University of the South Pacific, which are specifically aimed at training their female staff. The Duchess also spoke about her own experience at the university and said: "With scholarships, financial aid programs and income from a job on campus that went directly to my enrollment, I was able to attend college and, without a doubt , it was worth it. "

He continued: "Everyone should have the opportunity to receive the education they want, but the most important thing is the education they are entitled to receive. And for women and girls in developing countries, this is vital. "

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Say it louder for the people behind me, Meghan.

Meghan and Prince Harry will leave Fiji tomorrow to head to Tonga, where they will rub elbows with the Tongan royal family. From there, they will return to Sydney for the end of the Invictus Games before leaving for New Zealand for the final leg of their tour. TBH, it sounds like my dream trip and coincidentally I'll be here working in serious envy.

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