Meghan Markle: The picture taken one month before the meeting with Prince Harry whom she would love to forget about …

adminNovember 29, 2018

It's an archive that the TMZ area would have done better not to get out again. But by publishing this snapshot of the new duchess of Sussex, the area of ​​information that specialized in celebrities knew that ink should run … Much ink. Why? Because this picture was taken a month before, Meghan met Harry in May 2016. In this picture, Meghan hugged her face with her boyfriend, the famous Canadian cook Cory Vitiello and she looks very in love. The actor sits on her lap, hands around her throat, arms around her waist. TMZ says this picture was taken while the couple ate in Toronto. No one suggested that the atmosphere was not good and that only a few weeks later Meghan would end this love story to embrace another fate … And live a story with a prince.


Ironically, according to Daily Mail, thanks to Vitiello, Meghan would have met Prince Harry's friends. Cory Vitiello is a famous cook in Toronto, and all bastards are fighting for a table at the establishment. A sound like Meghan began to interfere with and whose connections would make her cross the Atlantic Ocean and meet Prince Harry. And a reporter comments: "The Cory network helped Meghan into a certain circle of influential people … a position that the young woman enjoyed enormously …"Would Meghan consciously want to get up socially? One This reporter's answer is unambiguous: "I think she knew how to take advantage of the opportunities that came up to her, but something about her was not enough for her to just be actress, she wanted more and what would have happened after the end. Suits? She knew that time came and she did not get younger … "

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