Meghan Markle spends the first Christmas in the palace: What principles will it be required to observe for the first time as a Duchess?

adminNovember 28, 2018

Even the royal family looks forward to the most beautiful days of the year. He will spend the first time with Harry's wife too. However, the charming former actress Meghan Markle will experience a slight change. These rules await her at the castle in Christmas.

The Queen of Christmas invited Mama Meghan Markle to the winter residence

The Queen of Christmas invited Mama Meghan Markle to the winter residence

Source: SITA

The duchess of Sussex was used to the American version of the Christmas holiday during life. She spent them at home with the family, of course, lacked a positive mood and tasty traditional food. What will change for this beauty with the arrival of the royal family and what traditions should they learn?

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Link charity and sport

Members of the royal family are enjoying an active day on December 24th. Prince Harry and William decided a few years ago for their own tradition. Even with employees in the headquarters, they play football and raise money for charity. In addition to this popular sport, some members of the royal family also attend hunting.

The most traditional celebration of the whole of Britain during Christmas

What do you think about England says? Of course tea is on the fifth. During the early evening of December 25th, the whole royal family will also enjoy it. Traditional British sweets and small sandwiches are cooked. During this ceremony, the children decorate the Christmas tree and enjoy the comfort of the nearest circle.

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Two masses during a big vacation

The royal family will not miss its faith-related nature in Christmas. At the ninth hour Meghan and all the private masses await in the chapel at the castle for the holidays. The 11 are followed by a second ceremony, which is also not crucified. The only difference is that this action is already public and the royal family has the opportunity to come closer to the people.

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