Meghan Markle, Prince Harry: Royals in Sydney for Invictus Games on day 6 of the tour

adminOctober 22, 2018


PRINCE Harry spoke of his concern for Meghan's health when his wife skipped an event yesterday and revealed that she will take a step back in the spotlight of the actual tour.

But the pregnant duchess of Sussex could still attend a luncheon with the prime minister, sail in the harbor of Sydney and have a glamorous appearance at a night reception with her loving husband.


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The 37-year-old woman showed no signs of weariness, looked radiant in a black dress and smiled kindly during the couple's last public appearance in the city, a function of the Invictus Games Foundation at the Government House.

They will fly to Fraser Island in Queensland this morning, but Meghan will not attend any engagement, resting while Harry meets with the traditional owners of the park and forest ranger.

media_cameraMeghan looked glamorous in a black dress while she and her husband, Prince Harry, attended a night reception at the Government House. Image: Matrix
media_cameraEarlier, it was revealed that the Duchess of Sussex will withdraw from some events, as it combines pregnancy with real duties on the couple's tour. Image: Matrix
media_cameraApparently, the 37-year-old girl feels tired, and her husband told a disappointed crowd at an event yesterday morning that he was "resting at home" because "pregnancy has its effect". Image: Matrix

"After a busy schedule, The Duke and Duchess decided to cut back The Duchess program for the next two days, before the last week and a half of the tour," Kensington Palace said in a statement. "The Duke will continue with the commitments on Fraser Island as planned."

The couple will visit Fiji and Tonga after Fraser Island.

It was supposed to happen yesterday at the Invictus Games events in and around Sydney Harbor. But after a storm delayed the opening ceremony on Saturday night, Meghan decided not to attend the presentation of the Invictus cycling medal in the morning at the Sydney Dominion.

Instead, he opted to rest in the Admiralty House, where the couple had stayed, prompting speculation about his health. The prince was left to deliver medals for himself.

When he left the medal ceremony and went through the NSW Art Gallery, disappointed viewers shouted "Harry, where's Meghan?"

She told the crowd: "She is resting at home, being pregnant has its effect."

There was more speculation about whether he would reject Prime Minister Scott Morrison at his Invictus reception luncheon at the Pavilion restaurant in the Dominion, where the duchess was to meet with children and athletes.

However, saw her sneak through the back door.

media_cameraMeghan and Harry arrive for the Prime Minister's lunch. Image: Chris Jackson / Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation
media_cameraThey came through a back entrance to the place. Photo: Liz Burke

Harry greeted her with a kiss when he got out of a car driven to the pavilion. The couple was received by Mr. Morrison and his family, and the prince shook hands with the excited daughters of the prime minister.

Prince Harry was seen in the back gallery of the restaurant giving a speech.

The beloved couple then set sail to sail in the afternoon, hitting the water in Sydney Harbor to watch the final of the Invictus Games up close.

media_cameraThe Duchess of Sussex rocks the aviators on the high seas. Photo: Brendan Esposito

After participating in the event, the royal couple returned to Admiralty House, the official residence of the Governor General, hand in hand.

It was an action-packed day for the Duchess, as she helped the Prince celebrate the Olympic-style athletic competition for disabled and battered people.

The expectant mother does not suffer from morning sickness, but apparently feels tired when juggling real duties and pregnancy while on tour.

media_cameraReal walk ahead. No need to even call the shotgun.
media_cameraPrince Harry and Meghan are heading to Fraser Island this morning. Image: Chris Jackson / Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation

The suns Real reporter Emily Andrews tweeted: "It's been an exhausting week, and although the Duchess has not had any morning sickness, she has been very tired."

There will not be a cruise route for the royal family, since they are scheduled to travel in 4WD through Fraser Island.

Last week, members of the media were warned that part of the trip, whether by ferry or off-road on the island, might require some medication for seasickness.

media_cameraHarry presented medals only yesterday morning. Photo: Candace Sutton
media_cameraMeghan attended the later events of the day. Photo: Candace Sutton


The Invictus runner, Ben Yeomans, tried to get Prince Harry to sign his budding smugglers, but the prince refused to laugh when Mr. Yeomans put them on his head.

However, Harry will take home a couple of his own, which have the words "Aus Aus Bottom Team" printed on the backside and which was presented to him privately this morning.

media_cameraHarry will take home a couple of his own parakeets smugglers. Photo: AP Photo / Kirsty Wigglesworth

Prince Harry graciously refused to sign a pair of smugglers of green and gold parakeets, despite the cheerful pleas of the Australian larrikins, Mr. Yeomans, Damien Irish, and Jarrod Kent.

However, it was all smiles and the trio had nothing but praise for the duke.

Mr. Kent said that they understood that it would not have been a good look at the blinds of the world press.

"I was fully aware of that," Mr. Kent laughed. "We expected him to try them, but hey, next time." To be honest, he's very sensible, one of the guys really.

Harry also spoke with the Invictus athlete, Damien Irish, with whom he played water polo in the United Kingdom in 2004.

It occurs after the prince raised a crowd of 4000 competitors, relatives and dignitaries at the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games as he walked on stage to officially open the event on Saturday night.

The future father delighted the thousands who were watching when he spoke of his baby's joy.

"I was very proud to introduce you to my wife and we are very happy to celebrate the personal joy of our new incorporation with all of you," said Harry.

Earlier this week, he talked about how he "could not think of any better place" to announce to the world that he and Meghan were waiting for their first child.


The Duke of Sussex proved to the competitors of Invictus Games that he is one of them, as the competition continues on the second day.

The real newlywed took the time to stop to talk to wounded former military men and women around the world, stopping to put a hand on their scars or to inspect their prostheses.

"He's been there, he's done it, he's experienced everything we've gone through," said Mr. Kent, an Australian cycling competitor.

media_cameraPrince Harry impressed the competitors. Image: AP Photo / Kirsty Wigglesworth)

Despite beginning his conversation with the patron of Invictus with a laugh, Yeomans said there was a serious moment in which he and his companions tried to convey to the Prince his gratitude for what he had started.

"We talked about the games and how inspiring it is for us," said Mr. Yeomans. "It's absolutely incredible, to spread the word and inspire the audience and make everyone behind him."


The British press reported over the weekend that the Duchess of Sussex refused to tell her father Thomas Markle that she was pregnant, and instead asked Mother Doria to do so.

A source said Sun, the future mother felt too "bruised and raw" to talk to him after his father revealed details of his conversations with Prince Harry.

Meghan shined before the opening ceremony with a dress by Stella McCartney that was previously set for the Queen's birthday celebrations at the Royal Albert Hall in London in April.

media_cameraPrince Harry and his wife Meghan look affectionate during the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games in Sydney. Image: Saeed Khan
media_cameraThe Duchess of Sussex met with the guests at a reception inside the iconic Sydney Opera House. Image: Saeed Khan / Photo of pool through AP
media_cameraThe beloved couple will head to Fraser Island today. Image: Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation


The Duke received cheers and a standing ovation for his inspiring speech when he opened the Invictus Games.

"You are the optimistic generation. "You are the new generation of services and you are the role models for all of us," he told the competitors.

media_camera& # 39; Hello Sydney! & # 39; Prince Harry made the crowd stand up when he declared that the Invictus Games were open. Photo: abc

He gave a special message to the country.

"I have a mission for all of you Australians. And it's not how many shrimp you can put in the barbie, "he joked.

"Our competitors have come to these games, most of them traveling from many thousands of miles away.

"It's your job to encourage them and share their stories, it's your privilege to look in the stands or with your friends and family around television, it's your responsibility to make sure your children know how amazing these guys and girls really are."

That same day, he paid tribute to the thousands of Australians who lost their lives in battle during a visit to the Anzac Memorial in Sydney.

Harry and Meghan laid a wreath on the memorial steps and, as piper, touched the military lament, Prince Harry saluted. The duke also greeted while playing the Australian national anthem.

The couple bowed their heads as a minute of silence was observed to honor the fallen, and Prince Harry stood rigid before his wife's attention during the military presentation of the weapons.


The humid weather, which previously threatened to wash the event, failed to dampen the spirit of the athletes who showed up for the Saturday night ceremony after heavy storms lashed the harbor and delayed the opening for more than an hour.

Some attendees were apparently discouraged by the weather. Some seats were vacant on the steps of the Opera House, and Invictus officials informed that several attendees had left.

But the wet weather did not dampen the mood of the competitors. The Australian team chanted: "Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi!" While the remaining attendees found their seats in the slippery patio.

The 500 athletes from 18 nations, along with their families and supporters, came to the show by boat when the skies opened on the rainy royal tour in Australia.

media_cameraPrince Harry could not take his eyes off his wife Meghan when the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games began. Photo: Toby Zerna
media_cameraAustralian athletes enter the concourse of the Sydney Opera House for the opening ceremony. Photo: Toby Zerna

The ceremony included traditional aboriginal dances and performances by Australian favorites such as Kate Ceberano and Lee Kernaghan, but it was Magda Szubanski who stole the show.

Giving the royal couple the full treatment of Aussie, the beloved comedian burst onto the stage dressed as his famous character. Kath and Kim Alter ego Sharon Strzelecki.

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