Meghan Markle, Prince Harry at the opening ceremony of Invictus Games, Sydney

adminOctober 20, 2018

The opening ceremony of the Invictus Games is officially underway, with the assistance of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The humid weather that previously threatened to wash the event failed to dampen the spirit of the athletes who showed up at the ceremony after heavy thunderstorms hit the port and delayed the opening for more than an hour.

Some attendees were apparently discouraged by the weather. Some seats were vacant on the steps of the Opera House, where Invictus officials informed that several attendees had left.

But the wet weather has not dampened the mood of the competitors. The Australian team is singing "Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi oi!" While the remaining attendees find their seats in the slippery backyard.

The 500 athletes from 18 nations, along with their families and supporters, had previously arrived at the show by boat when the rain fell.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have arrived at the Sydney Opera House for a reception before the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games this evening.

Although a severe thunderstorm over Sydney threatens the outdoor event, Harry and Meghan seemed at ease when they arrived with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian at the Bennelong Restaurant in the Opera House. .

The duchess wears a coat from the ex X Files Gillian Anderson, fashion designer turned star, has created a collection of capsules for the London label Winser.

It has also been reported that the dress that Meghan wears underneath is a dress by Stella McCartney in which she has seen herself before.

The Duchess is playing the perfect supporting wife tonight, as her husband prepared to officially open the Invictus Games at tonight's opening ceremony.

The event in the courtyard of the Sydney Opera House was scheduled to begin at 7:30 pm, but was delayed an hour later due to the wet weather caused by severe storms.


Everywhere, members of the royal family have toured Australia so far, have been flanked by crowds of fans.

But tonight, an image shared by Kensington Palace captured a rare moment between the couple without a real observer in sight.

The couple was photographed in the courtyard of the Sydney Opera House, where the Invictus Games Opening Ceremony will be held tonight.

Prince Harry is expected to address the crowd at the event, and was photographed practicing his speech before a captive audience of one.

The photograph shows Harry grabbing a microphone and wandering around the stage in front of the chairs prepared for the 500 athletes and supporters of the Games.

But all the chairs are empty, except one in the first row, where Meghan sits looking proudly at her husband.


The image also raised questions about whether there was a wet weather plan in place with a severe thunderstorm over Sydney.

The opening ceremony was going to be an outdoor event, and from the photograph of Harry's rehearsal, there did not seem to be protected or covered areas to talk to.

The Duke and the Duchess were initially scheduled to arrive at the Opera House by boat, but due to the weather, they have since made the decision to travel by car.

Apparently, the organizers of Invictus said they were prepared for any condition, but a tweet from one of the official accounts of the event suggested otherwise.

"The storm over Sydney can have an impact on the opening ceremony," he warned.

"The most important thing is to guarantee the safety of everyone."

There was confusion at the entrance of the event where some security personnel told the attendees that the event had already been canceled and they were rejected when they went to check their bags.

But an Invictus spokesperson told that the event had not been canceled, and they were surprised to see that the security staff was telling the people.

"Security is being fed with incorrect information. It's full steam ahead, tonight will not be canceled. Safety is the first ever in a thunderstorm, but it will not change location, "said an Invictus media representative.

Invictus media representatives will not confirm if there is a contingency plan in place if the storm continues.


ROYAL fans who hope to witness one of the famous PDAs (public displays of affection) of Duke and Duchess of Sussex were not disappointed: both held hands and looked at each other with adoration as they left the podium after the ceremony of the Invictus medal.

Moments earlier, Prince Harry took over the spirit of competition while attending the first official event of the Invictus Games on Sydney Cockatoo Island on Saturday, accepting an invitation for a remote-controlled car race by a group of children little ones.

Meghan declined an offer to participate too, instead, she kept looking and laughing while Harry shouted jokingly "Come on!" While the cars crashed into the grass.

At one point, Meghan could be seen suggesting Harry to move on, but the Prince was clearly reluctant to leave the game with the children.

After Meghan tried to get Harry's attention and he did not leave the game, she left alone to collect some medals for the children. Then, the couple handed them over to the young people, bending down to congratulate them and shake their hands.


The Duke and the Duchess underwent dress changes before arriving at Cockatoo Island and dressed more casually after the procedures of their previous visit to the ANZAC Memorial.

Meghan, wearing a conservative black Emilia Wickstead dress and a Philip Treacy hat this morning, put on black jeans and a white jacket for the Invictus event.

Meanwhile, Harry changed his military uniform for pants and a black shirt.

Both in dark sunglasses, the royals took a long time to converse with the athletes and officers of Invictus Games as they slowly made their way to the driving course.

The couple arrived at Isla de la CacatĂșa for the first official event of the Invictus Games: the Jaguar Land Rover Driving Challenge.

The Duke and Duchess will observe which country gets the first gold medal of the competition, initiated by Prince Harry.

Helicopters flew overhead and the uniformed police were patrolling the area before their arrival. A security team is enforcing baggage checks when people jump off the ferry and enter the arena.

Throughout the day, competitors from 12 countries will participate in three challenges including a water obstacle course and two precision handling challenges, one with cones to test the driver's skill and mastery over the car.

It's the couple's second event of their day in Sydney, which will conclude with the official opening of the Games by Harry at a ceremony at the Sydney Opera House on Saturday night.


PRINCE Harry delivered an emotional message during the couple's solemn visit to the new ANZAC memorial in Sydney this morning.

The duke and duchess went to the Hyde Park memorial to lay a wreath and officially open the restored monument, and while they were there, the couple added a touching personal tribute.

Along with the wreath of native flowers that they deposited in tribute to the fallen soldiers of Australia and New Zealand, Harry and Meghan left an emotional note.

"In grateful remembrance of those who made the final sacrifice and in recognition of the men and women for whom the scars remain," reads the attached handwritten note.

The moving message, written on a small card with Harry's royal insignia, was signed by the Prince and his wife.


Earlier, the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex began the fifth day of their royal tour of Australia in Sydney's Hyde Park, where they attended the inauguration of the renovated ANZAC Memorial.

The royal couple laid a wreath on the front of the renovated 1930s Art Deco building.

Just before 10 am, Prince Harry arrived in full military uniform and Meghan in a black dress and a hat.

The Duchess has been showing the work of the Australian designers during the first days of the tour, but today she chose a dress by the New Zealand designer Emilia Wickstead.

Perhaps the choice is a subtle nod to the military partnership between Australia and New Zealand to which the royal couple today paid their respects. His hat is by the London milliner Philip Treacy.


Harry and Meghan have laid a wreath on the memorial steps, and as a piper touched the military lament, Prince Harry saluted. The duke also greeted while playing the Australian national anthem.

The couple bowed their heads as a minute of silence was observed to honor the fallen, and Prince Harry stood rigid before his wife's attention during the military presentation of the weapons.

The elder Aborigine, Uncle Roy Mundine, gave an emotional welcome to the country before the governor of New South Wales, David Hurley, addressed the crowd.

Harry and Meghan heard Hurley describe how the relative Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, had opened the memorial in 1934 and now Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex, would open the new wings of the memorial.

Security is strict in the event only by invitation, as it has been during each event on the actual tour. Snipers could be seen over nearby office buildings and hotels.


The 2018 Invictus Games began on the Cockatoo Island of Sydney with the Jaguar Land Rover Driving Challenge.

Throughout the day, competitors from 12 countries will participate in three challenges including a water obstacle course and two precision handling challenges, one with cones to test the driver's skill and mastery over the car.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will arrive in the afternoon to see which country gets the first gold medal of the competition, started by Prince Harry.

Harry will officially open the Games in a ceremony at the Sydney Opera House on Saturday night.

The fourth version of the international sporting event will feature 500 competitors from 18 nations competing in 11 sports medals, such as archery, athletics, indoor rowing, weightlifting, road cycling, sailing, sitting volleyball, swimming, basketball wheels and rugby.

Prince Harry's inspiration to create games for wounded and sick veterans and to serve military personnel came from his decade-long service with the British Army.

He was convinced that sports could help wounded veterans "fix their lives" and raise awareness of the role they can play in the community.

The games, which will take place during the week, are at the center of the first real Harry and Meghan tour abroad.

The fans have already been delighted in Sydney, Melbourne and Dubbo.



The royal couple will begin the fifth day of their tour of Australia by opening the renovated ANZAC Memorial in Sydney's Hyde Park.

After an Aboriginal smoking ceremony and welcome to the country, and a minute of silence for the fallen soldiers, the Governor of New South Wales, David Hurley, will address a crowd of 300 guests.

The Military Wives Choir of Australia will then sing the anthem, I Vow to Thee my Country, accompanied by the Australian Army Band, Sydney.

David Hurley will then take the couple on a tour of the Hall of Silence to see the sculpture, "Sacrifice" dedicated to Australians who have served in the Defense Forces.

The $ 40 million improvement of the marble and granite building includes a second cascading water feature in the reflecting pool, which was never finished due to the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The new design features an ovule that will connect the two levels of the memorial and an education and interpretation center to give life to the original vision of the memorial that was inaugurated in 1934.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Prime Minister of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, will accompany the royal family in the 45-minute tour.

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