Meghan Markle offered grass at his first wedding. Details of the ceremony the Duchess will gladly forget

adminDecember 29, 2018

Meghan Markle, 30, married Trevor Engelson, 34, in September 2011, in Jamaica, at a renowned luxury hotel, favorite of celebrities and wealthy. As with the wedding with Harry, the former actress treated every detail, including the purchase of enough marijuana to reach the 100 guests. Small bags were included in the gift bags prepared for those present at the ceremony, and Meghan was the one who came up with the idea, as confirmed by a series of emails sent to a friend, according to

"I have already ordered them and someone for the grass that says" Shhh, "Meghan said in a message to her boyfriend who helped her future duchess find the gift bags. Grassed cigarettes, around 200, were driven by a friend and bride, right in their apartment.

"Meghan thought this would remind the wedding of the guests and show them a shocking side," she told a close friend of her. Furthermore, sources said that Meghan has never used drugs, especially because there are people in the family who have consumed cannabis and cocaine and did not want to get them. Even at parties, he does not use grass and prefers to drink champagne and rose wine.

Meghan and the former man even risked jail if they were caught with grass

However, the idea of ​​offering grass to the guests was somewhat crazy, even though Meghan did not buy it and the task was entrusted to a hotel employee. First, buying grass in Jamaica can be very dangerous due to violent events occurring in the areas where it is sold in Ocho Rios, the resort where Jamaica Inn Hotel is located. Furthermore, Meghan and her husband were in danger of being arrested, fined and even sentenced to prison because in 2011, offering grass was illegal. But foreigners were never examined because they were acquiring grass, and a guest said that the two probably did not think about the legal risks.

The British royal family has always criticized the use of grass

Of course, because Meghan was different times, he was "a free spirit", which he himself had described. She would not have thought that her marriage to Engelson would have lasted only two years, and that she would have married a prince, and her movements would be closely monitored. Nor should he obey a strict label.

Even her father-in-law, Prince Charles criticized cannabis use, and when Prince Harry was caught smoking on 16, 2011, his father sent him to a rehabilitation center. Furthermore, Charles was known for drug campaigns, such as William and Kate Middleton.

Some guests at the wedding swam naked in the ocean

But there are other parts of the 2011 wedding that Meghan wants to forget. After she and England were legally married in Beverly Hills, they planned a full weekend for the 100 guests in Jamaica. After Saturday's religious ceremony, the wedding guests provided clothing and costumes to dress in beach targets, and the bravest baths reached the sea. During the day, Meghan went into mini-bikini bikini, making him the perfect body and making drinks to guests with whom he played all kinds of beach games, which would certainly not be suitable for a member of the royal family.

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