Meghan Markle is pregnant and in good shape: she's not going to stop at all for her pregnancy

adminNovember 26, 2018

If Kate Middleton had been embarrassed by serious morning quality early in pregnancy, this is not the case for Meghan Markle. In its entirety, she has not planned to slow down the pace of her activities.

Since the official announcement about pregnancy, Meghan Markle had a busy schedule. His royal tour of Antipodes was especially present by the general public. But if she's back in Britain, that does not mean she's planning to lift her foot. Far from it, even! Very active and full of energy, the duchess of Sussex intends to continue to fulfill its obligations as long as possible. Maybe yourselfat the end of pregnancy, scheduled for spring 2019.

To do this, she intends to draw inspiration from her sister in law, Kate Middleton. tender The latter had to take a lot of rest at the beginning of pregnancyDue to severe morning sickness, she began to work again as soon as her condition was improved, to Prince Louise's birth. According to the Royal correspondent Vanity FairKatie Nicholl, Prince Williams's wife has no desire to rest: " She will continue to work in the spring, until the last minute before she is born. In particular, it should announce a new partnership with charity.

However, the future mother must also listen to her body. She had to cancel a trip to Zambia recently, tired of pregnancy and busy schedule. Meghan Markle, committed to many causes that is particularly important to her, must Find a balance between his matches, his health and his future baby. A case that can be complicated since the duchess of Sussex has a reputation for being particularly stubborn.

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