Meghan Markle: Freezing cold! That's what Harry leaves his wife for

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Prince Harry goes to Norway: Will Meghan Markle stand alone in England?
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bad Meghan Markle (37)! Despite the forthcoming birth in the spring, Duchess Meghan currently has some problems to overcome. In addition to the ongoing family celebration with Sister Samantha and Father Thomas should also Relationship with Kate Middleton and Prince William not for the best. As if there were not enough problems, the 37-year-old now has to deal with the next shock. As the British Daily Mail reports, Prince Harry (34) will leave his loved ones again for the next few weeks – even though Meghan currently needs help!

Meghan Markle again! Prince Harry goes to Norway

The cause of Harry's sudden departure: his participation in the winter war game in Norway. But don't worry: Prince Harry doesn't really move into warIn the exercises, British Royal will join more than 1,000 Royal Marine Elite Commands to defend the Scandinavian nation against a suspicion of Russian invasion, which is considered a potential place for the invasion of the Kremlin. It is said to be one of the largest arctic military exercises in the UK for 20 years, reports "Daily Mail".

Winter war games more important than Duchess Meghan?

The demonstration should be seen as a sign of strength against Putin's Russia among intense geopolitical tensions that resemble the worst of the Cold War. The 34-year-old former captain will see several million dollar war games for several days, and his appearance has already been signed by Defense Minister Gavin Williamson.

Meghan Markle pregnant: Does she travel to Norway?

Whether Prince Harry's pregnant Meghandie will travel to Norway or be in the UK is unclear. Considering a possible previous birth A military source confirmed Friday night that Prince Harry would participate in an official visit to the war games, "The Duke enjoys his role in the Royal Marines and takes them very seriously," said a royal insider "mirror". When Prince Harry wants to start his journey to Scandinavia, it is not yet known.

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