Meghan Markle: Diana's butler unpacks! Does meghan like Lady Di?

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Meghan Markle had to endure some nasty headlines in recent months.
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Nasty rumors, Border with family and many enemies: the life of Meghan Markle (37) is currently not that easy. Instead, the pregnant duchess of Sussex has to deal with unpleasant headlines every day. Now Princess Diana's former butler Paul Burrell commented on the Meghan Markle case. What he has to say sounds shocking. According to him, the 37-year-old could meet the same fate as once Lady DiIf she does not comply with the royal rules and adapts to the traditions.

Meghan Markle must adapt: ​​Princess Diana's butler Paul Burrell warns the Duchess of Sussex

Princess Diana's ex-butler publicly warned the Duchess of Sussex before the royal family and advised her to do what she was told otherwise risking conflict with older members of the royal family. In the "Channel 5" movie "Kate V Meghan: Princesses at War", which was broadcast last night, Burrell claims that Buckingham Palace is like a "minefield" to all beginners and compared the treatment Meghan has received. with Princess Diana.

Does Duchess Meghan claim the same fate as Lady Di?

He said, "Meghan has married into the country's most traditional family, the royal family, how is she going to handle it?" Princess Diana grew up in a house the size of Buckingham Palace, and even she was lost. "Paul Burrell first served as Lakai for the Queen and later became Princess Diana's employee. For ten years, it was now 60-year-old Diana's butler to her death in 1997. In recent years, he has often talked about his connections to it. the royal family and published a number of memoirs.

Advice to Meghan Markle: She shouldn't go to Prince Harry

Of the people of Buckingham Palace, he claims: "People were trapped, they were not very pleasant with this young girl (Princess Diana) who came to this world, who would want to belong to that family?" He added. Burrell's advice to Meghan: Always be "near Harry." However, this advice may prove difficult in the future. Because of many public dates, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not always be together. Particularly bitter for the former actress: According to reports, the next separation from her husband Harry has long been sealed. So Prince Harry (34) travels to Norway in the coming weeks to participate in the winter war games there. Let's hope Meghan will do without her beloved husband during this time.

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