Meghan Markle Australia tour fashion: real costumes of day 5

adminOctober 20, 2018

THE Duchess of Sussex has been using an interesting selection of pieces by emerging Australian designers and their favorite brands since the actual tour began.

But tonight's attire was the first time during the tour of Australia. Meghan came out using something we've seen her before.

Meghan arrived at the welcome reception of the Invictus Games at the Sydney Opera House before the opening ceremony with a dress by Stella McCartney who earlier dressed for the Queen's birthday celebrations at the Royal Albert Hall in London in April.

The repetition of the outfit was not Meghan's only surprise tonight, also on a label that no one could have predicted.

He was not an Australian designer. It was not a British name favored by the royal family. He was not an internationally recognized designer.

No no. The designer was one that most of us did not even know she had put her hand on fashion. X Files star gillian anderson.

Meghan went to the welcome reception of Invictus Games at the famous Bennelong restaurant in Sydney Opera House, wearing a coat by Dana Scully.

He wore the navy blue coastline of the actor and director capsule collection for the British label Winser London.

Daily mail The real reporter Rebecca English was one of the first to identify the piece, saying she had some pieces of the line in her own wardrobe.

"I have a lot of his stuff, it's beautiful!" He tweeted.

Although we have not yet seen clearly what Meghan carries under her coast, it has been reported that the Duchess was wearing a dress by Stella McCartney in which she had seen it before.

Meghan matched the navy blue suit with the naked Stuart Weitzman bombs.


THE Duchess of Sussex has abandoned its relentless support for Australian designers, which drifts down the ditch for today's costume choice.

But we are not angry about that, he did it for a good reason.

Meghan arrived at Sydney's Hyde Park to open the redesigned ANZAC Memorial dress from head to toe in sophisticated black.

The Duchess wore a button-down dress from New Zealand designer Emilia Wickstead, who accused Meghan of copying one of her designs for her wedding dress, and then was forced to issue an apology for her comments.

Meghan also took out the first piece of headdress for the tour, a fascinating one of the famous London milliner Philip Treacy, and the black patent heels patented by the American brand Tabitha Simmons.

While a cynic may see the choice of a Kiwi designer as a snub to Australia, there is actually a very moving reason why Meghan may have chosen the outfit carefully.

The choice of a New Zealand designer was perhaps a subtle nod to the military partnership between Australia and New Zealand, to which the couple paid their respects at the ANZAC commemorative ceremony.

This morning's event was also the first time that Harry threatened to eclipse his wife in fashion.

The prince wore full military uniform, wearing the tropical dress of the British army of Blues and Royals.

Harry's elegant white suit was accompanied by his numerous military medals, including one that indicated his role as Commander of the Knights of the Royal Victorian Order.

It almost went unnoticed, but Meghan was also wearing a New Zealand designer yesterday during the couple's trip to Bondi Beach.

While much was made of the Martin Grant dress of the Duchess, an Australian designer that she has favored throughout the trip, most of us did not realize her accessories.

Meghan wore a pair of earrings from Karen Walker, New Zealand's favorite. The "tempting tacos" feature a pair of freshwater pearls dyed and sold retail for $ 369.

For the past four days, the Duchess has used almost $ 30,000 in designer costumes.

The pregnant woman's clothing, which is in cash, includes a Martin Grant coat ($ 2262), a Dion Lee dress ($ 1282), Stuart Weitzman heels ($ 656) and a Gucci mini Sylvie bag ($ 2650).


In addition to a moving tribute to the ANZAC, the choice of Meghan's attire also meant an act of forgiveness.

The Duchess's selection of an Emilia Wickstead dress was based on a fashion fight started by the New Zealand designer.

The designer surprised the fashion world with criticism of the appearance of Meghan's wedding.

After the royal wedding in May, Wickstead accused the new royalty of having designed a dress that, according to her, was a copy of one of her own designs.

Wickstead claimed that Meghan's Givenchy dress, which had an estimated cost of more than $ 300,000, was a $ 12,000 design scam of its own.

"Her dress is identical to one of our dresses. Apparently, many commentators were saying "It's an Emilia Wickstead dress," she told the Daily mail at the time.

Reportedly, the bitter designer continued to criticize the style and hairstyle of Meghan's wedding day.

"If you choose a simple design, the fit should be perfect. Her wedding dress was quite loose, "he said.

"I was like, keep the blades, it's a royal wedding for God's sake."

But Wickstead was later forced to issue an apology after the popular Instagram account, Diet Prada, pointed to the similarities between Meghan's dress and Givenchy's 1967 design.

Unsurprisingly, the Duchess did not respond to the informed comments and, considering the selection of attire today, did not seem to be bothered.

Meghan has used the creations of designer Kiwi on several formal occasions, and the designer is also a favorite of her sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex underwent dress changes and dressed more informally after the procedures of their previous visit to the ANZAC Memorial.

Arriving at Cockatoo Island for the first Invictus Games event, Meghan, who wore a conservative black Emilia Wickstead dress and a Philip Treacy hat this morning, had put on some black Mom's jeans and a white jacket.

Under the Altuzarra jacket, Meghan wore her official Invictus polo shirt, as did her husband.

Harry changed his military uniform into gray pants that he also combined with an Invictus polo, and both royals wore dark glasses.

The Cockatoo Island event is the second of the couple in Sydney today.

They are expected to dress up for an evening reception at the Sydney Opera House before the official opening ceremony tonight.

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