Meghan Markle: And now it's the Eugenie from York who wants it!

adminNovember 30, 2018

It's not just with Kate Middleton that the deal is not top.

Of course, the reports are not quite fair in the royal family in England. Yesterday we learned that the reports were tense with Kate during the preparation for the wedding and that Meghan would be keen to cry her sister-in-law.

Today, a revelation this time concerns Eugenie of York. We already knew that she did not really appreciate the fact that Meghan announces the pregnancy of the royal family at Eugenie's wedding with Jack Brooksbank. She had the impression of being stolen the show the day in her wedding.

And during the ceremony another event occurred … According to a source near Eugenie who trusted in the Telegraph, the bride was literally "upset" by the fact that Harry and Meghan did not attend reception dinner. Later, in the evening, the prince came back, but alone. The duke of Sussex was not present and would not have given reasons for this absence.

One can imagine that with this early pregnancy and the long trip to Australia, Meghan may have preferred to rest. But for Harry's cousin, it does not happen. She did not send a message of congratulations on the coming arrival of the couple's baby.

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