Meghan, Duchess of CLASH? "William does not know his brother"

adminNovember 30, 2018

This week, Patrick Weber talks about the many clashes of Meghan Markle. Is Prince Harry's wife as cold and authoritarian as they say?

Meghan Clashe Kate: The news has made a buzz on the canvas …

Meghan would not support Kate who would give him back … No official evidence of this enmity, but the princess's willingness to share their offices and their homes was enough to burn the powders. Behind these reasonable facilities, we must in particular see evidence of Meghan steel voices that can not stand for not having the last word.

For his part, William does not recognize his brother who has returned to the ranks and now avoids any scandal. It's a bit like Meghan has hit the bad boy of a (very) good boy! To say that the Hollywood star is as demanding as it's unbearable is just one step that many have already taken.

Meghan hugs his father: really loves me really daddy?

Since the marriage of Meghan and Harry was announced, the shadow of Thomas Markle Senior shadows over their love story. So much that it's hard to know today who's wrong in this turn and tells the story. One thing is for sure, Meghan has been very close to father and today she is no longer. It was also his father who gave him a taste for cinema and light (he was a lighting technician). On several occasions, he remembers that he helped her to study and always gave her the necessary support … Even though she had little princesses. Since the marriage, Meghan has moved away from him. Nothing says things should work.

Meghan Clashe Elizabeth II

Does Elizabeth II really love it as a wife of her favorite child?

Not sure! First, His Majesty showed his full support by offering to perform activities in the duet. A privilege that Kate never had been able to claim.

Over time, the honeymoon between the queen and the duchess has taken the lead in the wing. Elizabeth confesses Meghan for lack of self-control and especially her too dry behavior with the palace staff. Is Meghan as cold and authoritarian as they say? Under all circumstances, the testimonies multiply. And if her beautiful smile was limited to cameras?

Meghan clashe her ex

It's not every day that you put your guy down by sending back his wedding ring!

At least, this is how Meghan put an end to her beautiful love story with her first husband, Trevor Engelson. The coated man never forgave him, but he preferred to be quiet. But today he seems to be cold by the spoiled daughter's behavior of his first wife. For now he retains some restraint … Although he has repeatedly said that he would have a lot to say about the beautiful duchess that would not be as nice as that. We feel it would not take much for him to break.

Meghan clashe her sister

Samantha has become Meghan's worst enemy …

And in a way it suits the Duchess well since the Americans concentrate all criticism since the Prince's marriage. At the announcement of the Prince's love story, Samantha did not hesitate to present his half-sister as an ambitious desperate to achieve his goals.

Samantha's critics of Samantha have started to listen more attentively in recent weeks. There have been months that Samantha presents Meghan as a startup, desperate to achieve his goals. The kind of ambitious who forgets his family to climb the social ladder. What if it was not just jealousy? And if she was right?

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