Meghan does another fight

adminDecember 30, 2018

The dispute. Around her dream break, Duchess Meghan (37) says that her sister-in-law Kate (36) shouted "with a loud word on the dressing of the flower minister Charlotte (3)." After that, the house's blessing was terrible: Absolute radio silence. Then the queen spoke a word of power and both had to dance for Christmas.

Removal. While Kate was cuddling in Sandringham at least in the church, Prince William did not defend her. In front of the whole paparazzi, he put Meghan down: rather play with scarves than listen to her. What a drainage.

Baby blues. Even in the palace, Meghan is feared: three servants she has already roared. It's the nickname "Hurrican-Meghan". All just because of the baby? It may come in February. "It's coming soon," revealed Meghan in Sandringham.

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