Meet the most outstanding Venezuelans who left 2018

adminDecember 31, 2018

The year 2018 is over, so it's time to honor the outstanding Venezuelans who gave their last goodbye.

January 13, mencouraged filmmaker Diego Rísquez: Born in Juan Griego, Nueva Esparta State, December 15, 1949. EHe studied social communication at Andrés Bello Catholic University, but left it to dedicate himself to theater. He received acting classes from Levy Rosell and traveled all over Europe and Asia.

Among his most important achievements as a director are: Funeral of Values ​​(1970), The Mysterious Kidnapping of Black Glasses (1973) Manuela Sáenz (2000), Francisco de Miranda (2006), Reverón (2011), The malquerido (2015).

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January 16, Rafael Silva, creator of our unusual universe and The five minutes "touring our amazing world", one of the most iconic programs in the Venezuelan radio, died at 92 years old.

During 50 uninterrupted years in the national radio "Our Unusual Universe" was in the Venezuelan radio, and was told throughout this time by the speaker Porfirio Torres.

February 19, the Venezuelan comedian Manolo "Semillita" Malpica died at the age of 85: better known as Semillita, he died at the age of 85, who was part of the cast of Radio Rochela, circulated by RCTV.

March 24, José Antonio Abreu, founder of the youth orchestra system in Venezuela, died: José Antonio Abreu, the award-winning founder of a program that fired thousands of Venezuelan children and youth out of crime through music, died on Saturday at the age of 78.

Abreu founded El Sistema in 1975 in an old garage and with only nine musicians, and little by little managed to expand it across the country and create a network of 300 choirs and orchestras that bring children and youth to music.

April 6, the advertiser Alejandro Cañizales died, who worked as a traffic reporter at FM center station and La Máquina del Aire.

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On August 17, Venezuelan humorist Cayito Aponte died: Venezuelan comedian and actress Rafael José Aponte Álvarez, better known as Cayito Aponte, died at the age of 80.

Cayito Aponte started on TV in 1959 at RCTV at 12 with Víctor Saume. There he lived for three years and made imitations of fashionable singers; then he made comics of the politicians.

Later he went to Radio Rochela Radio and other programs that were transferred to the interior of the country in chains with 27 stations. He appeared in programs like The No Name Program on CVTV along with great comedians like Che Gaetano and Carlos "Rafucho" Rodríguez.

October 31 died at the age of 86 Teodoro Petkoff: who was the founder and director of the newspaper Tal Cual. In the country's media he stood out for his struggle for Venezuelan welfare. He worked as the director of the newspaper El Mundo, then founded his own media, TalCual, whose editorial policies have been critical to presidents.

December 7, take care of Venezuelan baseball. Players José Castillo 37 years old (second base) and Luis Valbuena at 33 years (third base) die in traffic accident As the truck they traveled around, trying to dodge any rocks on the way to Yaracuy, near the Lara State, the authorities and their spokesman said.

On December 8, Venezuelan chef and engineer Hector Soucy died in Madrid, Spain According to information from journalist Alberto Federico Ravell, through his official Twitter account.

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December 10, Venezuelan comedian Pepeto died: His long-standing employee, Nelly Pujols, was the one who announced the news through his Instagram profile.

December 27 died at 82 Roberto "Musulungo" Herrera, andThe Umpire of Venezuelan Professional Baseball.

Herrera, former recipient of the Caracas races and judges of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League for nearly three decades, apparently died in Florida, according to a press release. Born in Havana, April 21, 1939, he was the protagonist of LVBP as a player and then as an arbitrator, the role he would make the most celebrity.

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