McConaughey is the smallest "profitable" actress for Hollywood

adminDecember 27, 2018

This Wednesday, Forbes Magazine has published the names of Hollywood stars increasingly "profitable" for the American film industry based on the profits gathered at the box office for every dollar of their salary.

The year list is led by Jeremy Renner, one of the main characters of "The Avengers", which this year was the most "profitable" and ends with Matthew McConaughey, who participated in major budget movies that did not meet the high expectations that were created, such as "The Dark Tower".

On average, Renner produced around $ 83 at the box office for every dollar of his salary over his last three films. Meanwhile, McConaughey generated the worst return on investment: one dollar by 10 cents.

According to the estimates of the magazine, in addition to Matthew McConaughey, this part of "losers" is also located:

  • Christian Bale, which generated $ 1.50
  • Matt Damon, with $ 3.70 for every dollar spent
  • Melissa McCarthy, with $ 4.90
  • Reese Witherspoon, which produced just over $ 5

On the other hand, the actors who received impressive salaries, but the films gained important profits for the Hollywood industry. Among the most "profitable" actors this year are:

  • Other stars of the & # 39; The Avengers & # 39; as Mark Ruffaloplaying Hulk, generates $ 80.20, and & # 39; Captain America & # 39; Chris Evans which earned the studios $ 56.10.
  • Between the two lies Amy Adams, Lois Lane in DC Comics movies, with $ 69.90.
  • Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman, contributed $ 60 for every dollar of salary.

"Now, the percentage of the budget has leaned heavily on the fertilizer, while in the early films it was more for visual effects," said Kevin Feige, producer of Marvel Forbes last year.

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