Maya Booth – The first image of Vincent's little face

adminDecember 28, 2018

Maya Booth just confirmed she was a mother. The actor published on Instagram the one who is first picture of the baby. Vicente came to the world this Thursday, December 27, exactly the same day Rita Pereira and Ines Heredia also was more. Portugal saw a real baby boom among Portuguese celebrities. "Thanks for the love, we're all three," wrote Maya.

Although she has always been keen to share the various moments of pregnancy, Maya is always expanding at discretion in personal life, even in terms of her relationship with the Porto businessman, David Quinta.

But it was the businessman who shared a picture of the boy, showing the face of little Vicente.

Together two and a half years ago, Vicente's birth came to mark the couple's entry into the baby's world. It is recalled that David Quinta was married to Benedita Pereira, but the relationship ended in divorce in 2016. At that time, the friendship between Maya and Benedita has ended, and both have gone from best friends to enemies.

Browse the gallery to see the picture of Maya Booth and David Quinta's baby face!

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