MasterChef competitor in the banned Apple series!

adminDecember 30, 2018

TV8 phenomenon competition on the screen Masterchef Tuðçe Søgesoğl from Turkey participants & # 39; Wardrobe Wars program, & # 39; Sweet Revenge & # 39; and Love Lies Severin & # 39; This time, after the series was seen in the series, Fox TV review broke records.

Søgesoğlu, who was born in 1990, also participated in theatrical education. He appeared in the Wardrobe Fighters competition, which was published most recently on Fox TV, and included names like Ayşe Brav, Gül Gölge Saygı and Raşit Bağzıbağlı, but was eliminated in the first week.

She often appeared in the page's roles in the series, now appearing in the Forbidden Apple series, and appeared at the tea party of the star rating in the star rating played by Eda Ece.


Tuğçe Søgesoğlu was born in 1990 in Istanbul. Tuğçe Searchesoğlu, who took theater training, joined forces with Yemekteyiz in addition to the fashion competition called Wardrobe Wars oğlu, where Gizem Dinibütünoğlu, Aycan Demirci, Gizem Ay and Didem Ezgi Akın competed.

Masterchef Tugce-as-is-a-few-year-old Tugce-Søgesoğl

At the same time, Love Yalan Sever and the Sweet Vengeance series had happened in no time. Tuğçe Searchesoğlu works as a leader in a catring company.

He likes shopping and discs and plays folk dances. She lives at the end of her life philosophy and has a very relaxed personality.

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