Marvi and The Voice Portugal ruined the Internet – "When Voice International learns from this, the transfer rights are being withdrawn"

adminDecember 31, 2018

Marvi was the big winner of The Voice Portugal, this Sunday, December 30th. The 17-year-old came from East Timor after a dream and managed to do so.

However, this does not appear that Portuguese would like to insist that "someone must have paid" so that the young woman was the winner.

In social networks, both the program and viewers, there are countless criticisms of the winner and the Portuguese format. "Singer? Where? "" The worst winner ever "," Marisa Liz wished Diana would win "," When The Voice International learns about this, it pulls broadcasting rights "," RTP at worst "," Totally disillusioned "And" Only know how to screaming are some of the many comments that can be read.

already Catarina Furtado, believes that this victory represents something positive for the country. "I think it's a good sign. In the sense it was accepted. As a promoter of a world without borders, I think we should all have our arms open to people who come for good," he says.

See the final performance here.

Marvi is the big winner of The Voice Portugal

Marvi and Diana played the big finals, but the young Timor was the big winner of The Voice Portugal, this Sunday, December 30th. The young Timorese came to Portugal after the dream and reveal to be "shocked" by the Portuguese decision.

"I am happy and shocked. This is my dream," he says, revealing that "participation in the program was not difficult. It was a major challenge that made me stronger," he concludes.

Marisa Liz, mentor of Marvi and Diana, ended up in a "difficult position" since the two young women were his team. "It was a difficult position, but very good. At that moment someone could win that I was happy and sad at the same time. I think they couldn't have done better than they did."

This is the second consecutive year that one of Mariza's teams wins, having been Tomás Adrião's big winner last year.

Text: WIN Writing – Digital Content / Pictures: Zito Colaço and DR

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