Martha Stewart's first Uber Ride is a recipe for disaster

adminNovember 20, 2018

Martha Stewart exclaimed that she took her "first Uber" on Monday.

And everything went downhill from there.

Doyenne, 77, of domesticity, wrote in an Instagram post that she had already been eliminated that when she first ordered the "most expensive version" of Uber to pick her up in front of Tiffany in New York City, the car did not appear . Then, a second Uber arrived 10 minutes later, and parked half a block away. Not to mention that the car was oriented in the wrong direction from its destination, seriously delaying his trip.

"Above all, the car was messy inside and out!", Published Stewart, along with images of schmutz and water bottles on the floor.

Despite all that, the cookbook author and the lifestyle expert said she wanted the self-service transport service to be successful.

"We are very disappointed to hear Martha's negative experience," a Uber spokesperson said in a statement. "We care about each trip, and have been in contact with Martha and her team."

At least that's a good thing. tried to enter the last word about it.

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